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Hidden Lake Retreat

Hidden Lake Retreat

Region: West
Location: Portland Oregon Metro Area


Hidden Lake Retreat,Inc.
PO Box 598
Eagle Creek OR 97022

Hidden Lake Retreat is dedicated to contributing to the awakening of the human spirit through relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation.

It is the ideal place for small group retreats, personal retreats, gatherings, ceremonies, therapeutic healing sessions, and workshops.

Your retreat or workshop participants will delight in discovering special touches that leave them feeling like they have come home to be cherished and nurtured.

The serenity of the lake, the beautifully-wooded grounds, wonderful food, and lavish accommodations all support transformation of mind, body, spirit. A variety of indoor and outdoor environments accommodate group and solo activities. Wander, meditate, gaze, dance, soak in the beauty and revel in the quiet.

Hidden Lake also offers you the rare opportunity to personally design your own personal retreat.

Relax through daily hot stone massage, or soak in a bubble bath lovingly drawn for you. Immerse yourself in silence, being cooked and cared for. Experience potent, nourishing spiritual counseling. Revitalize your soul essence through shamanic sessions. We delight in co-creating the most outstanding personal retreat you’ve ever experienced.

Relax, reflect, rejuvenate.

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