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Planetary Feng Shui

Planetary Feng Shui

Region: Nationwide
Location: Brooklyn, NY


Planetary Feng Shui is a unique company dedicated to providing aromatherapy and Feng Shui products and services that support you in creating harmony in your space and balance in your body. We are located in Brooklyn, New York Our services include: space cleansing, clutter clearing and Feng Shui.

In keeping with the traditions of Feng Shui, we have created a line of Feng Shui products for your space and your body. We have three aromatherapy sprays: Red Lotus, Indigo Mountain and White Tiger. Each one has unique cleansing and healing properties.

We also offer a gallery of beautiful color photographs as Feng Shui cures that invite in positive influences and new chi to those areas of your life that you wish to expand and grow.

In our blog you will learn about the benefits of Feng Shui and aromatherapy, and how to use them to attract love relationships, grow your wealth expand your business and more.

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