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Spiritual Healer / Shaman / Energetic Coach

Spiritual Healer / Shaman / Energetic Coach

Region: Australia
Location: Brighton, Victoria, Australia


With clients from around the globe, Hally Rhiannon-Nammu is the internationally recognized & qualified Empathic Psychic, Shaman, Energetic/Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Coach & more easily put a Light Worker in its most powerful & true form. Hally Rhiannon-Nammu created Creative Balance Healing to enable health & balance through using the Spiritual Self. Hally has many stories & experiences that have led her to providing these gifts to others, this includes some from this life; this world & some that are not. It is for this reason that Hally is the compassionate & dedicated spiritual expert you need to help you with what is going on right now.

Hally is also the author of the popular EBook “7 Common Mistakes in Spiritualism” which reveals some well kept secrets!!

“I am what I need to be in the moment that it is needed and it for this reason I know I can help you”

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