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Shamanic Breathwork in Kansas City

Shamanic Breathwork in Kansas City

Region: Midwest
Location: Kansas City, MO


Step into your PASSION, POWER and PURPOSE!

Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary is dedicated to personal and planetary transformation. Our mission is to support you in releasing the dysfunctional patterns that no longer serve you, activating your limitless potential and harnessing your power to create a life of passionate purpose.

Are you ready to:
Release old stories and belief systems?
Reawaken your power, passion and creativity?
Feel deeply connected to your self and others?
Create a future aligned with your greatest visions for your life?

Founded by Laura Wolf, Shakti Priestess and Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary is a congregation of Venus Rising Association for Transformation. We welcome anyone who is ready to awaken to their full potential and step into their personal PASSION, POWER and PURPOSE.

We offer:
Individual Counseling Sessions
Evening and Weekend Workshops
Shamanic Breathwork™ Sessions
Shakti Yoga Classes
Recovery & Support Groups

Contact us at: or

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