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FREE REIKI Self-Healing Attunement

Region: West
Location: West Covina, CA


This is a monthly FREE Event. Everyone is welcome!

The session will go for two hours approximately.

Improve your health and happiness and increase your self-esteem. Bring new light and inner guidance to your life.

In this class you will be attuned for self-healing, so that you are able to give REIKI yourself (Self-Healing). This is a great way to start learning and practicing energy healing. After the attunement, you will be guided on how to perform a REIKI self-treatment.

The event is at a private residence in West Covina. Please contact me for the exact address (213) 632-9707 or

If you are already a REIKI practitioner, your presence is most welcome, as you will receive a re-attunement and contribute by holding the space for everyone around.

Much Love and Namaste! Victoria

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