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Guardian of the Passage Through Darkness

Guardian of the Passage Through Darkness

Region: Nationwide
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Website: http://www/


Art Service Project Donates 100% to Rainforest Preservation

Shamanic journeys and prayers to Spirit guided me to create this art project and to date I have generated and donated about 35K, and had a ton of fun seeing Spirit speak through my hands and eyes. I offer many art objects (usable items) where the design is dream or journey inspired, but masks are my first and deepest love.

I feel strongly that we each have a gift to offer in supporting humanity's growth into the next stage of conscious development, and hope that my project inspires others to create their own projects of heart.

Facebook (

Etsy Shop (
A great place to buy shamanic-inspired art gifts and treats that give back to the Earth!

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