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Bringing the Amazon to the UK

Bringing the Amazon to the UK

Region: United Kingdom
Location: London & Countryside


This autumn Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado, reputed as the most powerful and respected living Shaman, will be in the UK accompanied by two other shamans.

Taita Querubin has been invited and spoke at the UN, World Health Organization and Washington USA, advising on Biodiversity and the human and intellectual property rights of the indigenous people of Latin America.

Whilst in the UK, Taita Querubin will bring his knowledge and power and share his world with us through various great events.

With 2012 around the corner this is an exceptional opportunity to explore and share in the wisdom of this remarkable indigenous spiritual teacher and healer.

Opportunities to work with Taita Querubin are as follows:

- Cofán Shamanic drumming & healing circles
- Lectures
- 3 days residential workshops
- Sacred residential healing ceremonies (outside the UK)

These events will be running from this month until November 2011.

The Cofán, one of the oldest surviving cultures in the Americas, have struggled to preserve their language and way of life. The past four decades have presented them with the biggest challenges to their solidarity, as they have fought to protect their ancestral lands from the incursion of oil companies and to defend their status as rightful landowners.

Latest estimates are that there are only 2000 Cofáns left.

By your participation in the upcoming events with Taita Querubin you will help to save the Cofán community from extinction.

To book your place at the upcoming events and/or to find out more go to

An amazing opportunity like this is quite rare, and the timing is perfect.

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