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ALL NATIONS - Oklevueha Native American Church of All Nations.

ALL NATIONS - Oklevueha Native American Church of All Nations.

Region: West
Location: Boulder/Denver Areas, Colorado
Website: www.OklevuehaNativeAmericanChurchofAllNatio


Oklevueha Native American Church of All Nations is a church for the people, to offer spiritual guidance, comfort and support for the community through Native American Half Moon Ceremony, Sweatlodge, Hanblecha, Vision Quest and many other indiginous ceremonies. We preserve the ways of prayer with Holy Medicines such as Peyote, our Holy Sacrament in which we pray and worship God in the way we see God through the Holy Medicines such as peyote, for ourselves, our children, families and all the generations to come may have freedom of religion.

We belive Great Spirit intended all human beings to have opportunity to participate in these ceramonies regardless of gender, race,finacial, and/ or social status.These ceremonies were given to human beings by Great Spirit to empower and/or heal us emotionally, intellectualy, and physially through spiritual means.

These Ceremonies have been passed from Generation to Generation under the most difficult of circumstances and have been retained more compleatly by the indigenous people of mother Earth.

Participation in these ceremonies assists us in disciplining ourselves to honor our innate goodness while we walk on mother Eart and under father sky.

~ Oklevueha N.A.C. of All Nations

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