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Artist, Karyn Armstong Shamanic Practioner and Teacher

Artist, Karyn Armstong Shamanic Practioner and Teacher

Region: Nationwide
Location: Hawaii, Oregon, Georgia, Europe & Canada


Karyn teaches shamanism focusing on bringing individuals to develop a practice of personal spiritual awakening. Additionally she teaches courses in the Shamanic Initiation/Journeying, Medicine for the Earth, Dancing your Shadow through Mask Making, Soul Retrieval, Soul Recovery, Ancestral Healing, and Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions as well as bringing more love to self and the planet. Shamanism IS HER ministry and she has been practicing over 20 years.

Karyn was one of the shamanic practitioners in a clinical trial of shamanic healing funded by the National Institute of Health’s research grant and carried out by researchers at Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon. (A copy of that study is available by request) Additionally Karyn has been doing Initiations into Women’s Mysteries since 1996, has mastered her ability to work in the “other worlds” with the support of her helping spirits ability to hold space bringing through the “Christ Light” aka as the “Christ Consciousness”, so her work is results driven through the partnership she builds with her clients. Her work with clients spans the globe and she offers a variety of modalities she personally developed which are tailor made for each client depending on their needs.

Karyn has been called a Sovereign Revolutionary Alchemist.

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