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Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon

Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon

Region: Nationwide
Location: Worldwide


"Gorgeously written and eminently practical... Scholars will appreciate the depth and breadth of the learning here, and would-be ayahuasca pilgrims should consider this a must read." --Cultural Anthropology

"Meticulous and rewarding... a fresh and evocative journey into the magical-realist world of indigenous plant medicines." --The Journal of the American Botanical Council

"This extraordinary book is as thorough an account of any shamanistic complex as is available today." --Religious Studies Review

"An exhaustively researched and detailed study, unique among its kind, and an absolute 'must-have.'" --Midwest Book Review

"Both highly readable and scholarly... This is an excellent and strong book that, because of its reach and detail, will become a classic in the field of Amazonian shamanism." --Journal of Shamanic Practice

"Beyer has found the sweet spot between scholarly and popular writing, the otherworldly and the ordinary, participation and observation; the result is the single best book I have seen yet on ayahuasca." --Erowid

“Beyer pushes past surface elements of shamanic craft and takes an objective look at everything he reports… By far the best book on ayahuasca shamanism I have ever read.” --DoseNation

"His own experiences with the potent hallucinogen ayahuasca are woven seamlessly into local, regional, and even global contexts... Serious scholarship blended with subjectivity and self-reflection." --Medical Anthropology Quarterly

“A riveting, yet thoroughly academic, nonfiction page-turner… Though verifiably academic, each page reads like a novel -- with layers upon layers of intrigue and information, and with the plants, the animals, and the teachers as finely drawn characters imbued with complexity, mystery, and wisdom.” --International Journal of Transpersonal Studies

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