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Dreamcatchers - Art within the Web by Shaman David Cloud

Dreamcatchers - Art within the Web by Shaman David Cloud

Region: East
Location: Everywhere


Connecting Artistry & Healing – ‘Art within the Web’ is the expression of ‘Native Tao’ harmony within 3-D color and dimension. His collections are the link between the present and that mystical, unrecorded past where connecting with the spirit honored a person and entire Nations to live their lives in harmony and peace. Each of his dreamcatchers is unique and has its own spiritual power. Since the dawn of human existence, families, clans, tribes, joined together for communal survival and for protection against common dangers. In order to establish lines of communication with the powerful unknown, native people created symbols that represented the various aspects of needs and wants, endowed them with a combination of divine, human and spiritual qualities.

Shaman Cloud creates dreamcatcher wheels from small to very large scale using deer sinew, stones, beads, feathers. All his dreamcatchers are custom made for the person who orders them; your authentic art will be made specifically for you. There will be no other piece like yours. "I hand-cut stones and gems for dreamcatchers and will fully customize any combination of healing stones for you. Each piece is unique and has its own spiritual power."

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