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(((o))) drumweaver healing shamanic drums + rattles...

(((o))) drumweaver healing shamanic drums + rattles...

Region: Canada
Location: Vancouver, BC


...the voice of the drum is the bridge to the spirit realm
...the pulse connecting us to our earth mother's heartbeat
...and the circular shape is that of the hoop of life

Weaver offers her hand-made healing shamanic drums, Reiki drums, ocean drums + rattles created within sacred space by weaver... custom orders welcome...

"I wanted to thank you weaver, for the rattles. All 3 of them that I have purchased over the past 6 months, they are simply stunning. They are so full of spirit and magic that as soon as I rattle them my room comes to life. They are the perfect size, so easy to handle and sound so good. I just love my rattles."
-- Sharon B., Barriere, BC

"The Shamanic Reiki Healing Drum created and birthed by weaver has the most intriguing and wise sounds. This drum accompanying me is made of goat hide and thus has the sweetest sounds and can also deepen to levels of thunder. Talk about versatile! I have used this blessed drum for my own journeys and to guide others, and for Shamanic Reiki healings. The sacred love and pure intention placed within the drum during its creation is nearly palpable - I am forever grateful to weaver for her many gifts, including the incredibly powerful drums she births. I savour my relationship to this drum, to weaver, and the great Spirits connecting us all."
​-- D.M., Nanaimo, BC

"I love my Celtic rabbit rattle. I have many rattles and it's this rattle and one other that i have that hold the best sound... thank you weaver, one of my favourites."
​-- Linda, Gabriola Island, BC

"Hey, weaver... thank you, thank you... I've been wanting to write and thank you for the beautiful gift of the ocean drum... you can't imagine!! ... I play her to call Spirit when I begin writing."
​-- Lisa (Summerlot) Zamuto, Brisbane, Australia

"You have no idea how much healing Willow (my sacred drum) and the rattles did in New York with me. Such powerful instruments of love. Thank you again sister for being a part of the magic.
-- Bahia, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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