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All Shaman Services - London, UK

All Shaman Services - London, UK

Region: Southeast
Location: London, UK


Shamanic healing is now available in London from one of the few westerners trained in Siberia.
Siberian shamanism is distinctly different from most kinds of shamanic therapy practiced in the West. A strong emphasis is placed on helping the patient use techniques to protect themselves from illness after they have been treated.
Ken Hyder became an initiated shaman in Tuva, Siberia where he treated a wide range of conditions. He also practiced in Italy after being admitted into the two leading shamans' clinics in Tuva.

Siberian shamanism manipulates energy, clearing blockages, removing the negative - replacing it with healing energy. Stress, fatigue, emotional set-backs, back and joint problems are particularly suitable for this therapy. But Siberian shamans are trained to deal with an impressively wide range of conditions - and other services like clearing homes of negative energy.

Ken Hyder is based in South London.
If you feel shamanic healing can help you, or you wish to know more, please contact :-

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