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Save 300 Acres of rainforest in Ecuador

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The 300 Acres Project is attempting to raise $70,000 in 30 days to save 300 acres of ancestral land for the Amazanga/Quichua people in Puyo, Ecuador.

The Amazanga are a group of indigenous healers and conservationists of Quichua and Shuar descent who are dedicated to the protection of nature and the preservation of natural wisdom and indigenous traditions. They are true forest protectors who have resisted the destruction of the Amazon jungle by oil and mining threats since the inception of those influences.

The Amazanga are now working toward recuperating 300+ acres of pristine jungle that is under severe threat of destruction. Blessed with waterfalls and dense jungle growth, this forest will serve as a base for the Amazanga's international natural medicine school, the School of Guayusa.

When you look at the big picture - we're actually protecting ancient wisdom and cultures while combating the globalization that leads to the destruction of our precious resources.

We need your help! Check out the web site, spread the word and please donate to the cause.

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