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Energy Portraits

Energy Portraits

Region: Australia
Location: Australia


Individually and specifically inspired portraits by celebrated artist, author and clairvoyant Jyoti Mckie.

You know you are unique. You know you are the only one who thinks your thoughts and dreams your dreams. You know that what you think, feel, plan and do, are the results of your unique soul and individual outlook.

And now, finally you are able to see the artistic representation of your own spiritual portrait, unlike any other. Finally you can look into the breathtaking beauty of who you are and know the exquisiteness and depth of your presence.

Jyoti is able to create this individual portrait after performing your own in-depth clairvoyant reading. This will impart a vision of your soul energy, from which Jyoti will create your portrait.

What better way to reflect upon your soulís journey, purpose and wholeness than to have your own portrait as a perpetual reminder of your real beauty?

Soul Mates Portraits
You know the joy and the thrill you feel when the love of your life enters the room? You know how you tingle and feel alive when youíre with the one? You know how you want to share this passion and happiness with everyone you meet? Well now you can. You can have a visual representation of the warm glow that emanates from your union of true love. Jyoti is delighted to be able to include soul mate portraits as part of her repertoire. Is there a better way of saying I love you?

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