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ORBS, CROP CIRCLES and SACRED SITES: The Manifestation Of Soul?

ORBS, CROP CIRCLES and SACRED SITES: The Manifestation Of Soul?

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Humanity has forever searched for an intimate connection with Spirit. In ancient times our ancestors built colossal monuments to honor and communicate with the invisible, and their efforts still stand as testament to a perfect craft. But lately the invisible seems to be manifesting across the Earth: new temples appearing in the fields of 29 countries bear the same spiritual technology. For indeed the crop circles, just as pyramids, cathedrals, standing stones and other sacred sites are revealing a legacy left to us by our ancestors— that other levels of reality are but a whisper away, and if you know where to stand you can connect with them. All such portals share an identical spiritual technology: they work with sound, they alter human awareness, they heal, they harness magnetic fields. In recent years, the phenomenon of orbs and other luminosities, captured on cameras at these locations, has raised intriguing debate on the origin of angels, ET contact, even the the human soul. In this lecture, Freddy Silva demonstrates the relationship between sacred places, crop circles and orbs; why temples are strategically placed; experiments that vectored orbs in Egyptian temples; how orbs may be expressions of one’s own soul; footage of light forms in crop circles; and how the origin of orbs may be associated with the giants and tall ones from our ancient history.

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