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Amber Hunt

Amber Hunt

Region: Midwest
Location: Pine River, MN


Imagine feeling whole, complete. Imagine being understood and affirmed. Are you seeking to heal a wounded heart, injuries from lifetimes of separation and dissonance? Are you seeking to better understand your dreams, visions, voices and gut feelings? Are you seeking spirit companions to guide and share in the beauty of life? I speak to the weavers of spirit and together we repair and heal any frayed lines within your soul's tapestry. As a channel of light, I am guided by your spirit and the spirit of All. For those seeking, with and through spirit I am able to bring forth information to ignite and animate your streaming, release locked energies, and activate codes within to shift and transform you into a luminous being. I am trained in Global and Celtic traditions of shamanism, as well as many other modalities of energy therapies. I work with the wisdom from the ancients , all of nature, goddess, the enchanted realm, the celestial spirit lodge, and more - spirit above, below, within.

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