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Ayllusuyu is an organization dedicated to the service of the Greater Good.
Ayllusuyu’s name comes from words, “ayllu” community, and “suyu” region, in the Quechua language of Peru, translated as, “the region of communities together.”

The teachings are brought from the Q’ero, the pure-blood descendants of the Inca, the shamans of the jungle and of the North Coast of Peru. They show us how to let go and be. This body of knowledge is presented through series of workshops in the United States. Fran takes groups into Peru to work with the shamans there.

Fran Russo, the founder of Ayllusuyu, has worked in the traditions of Peru for many years. She has traveled extensively in Peru, working in sacred ceremony with the Q’ero elders of the Andean mountains and the shamans of the Amazon. As her life’s work, Fran is committed to helping and guiding others in finding and following the natural flow of their paths. Working in the ancient traditions of Peru and elsewhere for many years, Fran helps others to energetically release and transform self into the power and strength of true self, spinning joy into life. She has been educating through television, radio, workshops, groups, individual healing sessions, and journeys to Peru since 1993.

Fran is the author of Through The Eyes of Jaguar: One Woman’s Journey, available for purchase on her web site.

For more information on the workshops and journeys, you can go to Fran’s web site as well as contact her:

Fran is on Facebook as well as on Book Market.

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