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Shamanic Reiki Journey, Counseling, and Healing at Dharma Therapy

Shamanic Reiki Journey, Counseling, and Healing at  Dharma Therapy

Region: Northeast
Location: Montclair, New Jersey


Shamans use intuition, earth medicine, and traditional ceremony to empower the client to reconnect with their own healing energy. Shamanic counseling empowers the client to listen and trust their own inner wisdom. The techniques used are individualized for the needs and preferences of each client. The client will be comfortable as a Reiki session. A session could include; pure tone crystal bowl therapy, light drumming, rattles, ambient music, and aromatherapy to enhance relaxation and a trance-like state to journey to non-ordinary reality. During the journey we may find spirit and animal guides, have soul retrieval, or transmutate energy field imbalances. Reiki energy healing opens, balances, and aligns the chakras, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies with subtle radiant warmth sensed by the client. Reiki will seal the healing journey and the session will be followed by a brief counseling session to share the experience. Your practitioner is a holistic nurse counselor and Reiki Master.

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