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Computer and Publicity Help needed in exchange for healing or training

Region: Northeast
Location: Providence, Rhode Island


I'm trying to set up a website focused on helping to heal the planet.

I'm a practicing shamanic healer and teacher who has studied with elders and shaman from around the world. I've been connected to the Earth and communicating with her since I was a child. I've just returned from Dharmsala, India where I was found by a Tibetan Elder who recognized my spirit and instructed me in what my mission on the planet is (I've know this since I was 3) and how I'm to go about it. Simply put, I've undergone a spiritual initiation to gather and hold the energy of Peace and Compassion for the Planet and I'm to pass on this energy to others. This mission was blessed by the Karmapa when I met with him in India. I was also encouraged to pass on this information by holy ones at Lotus Lake in Tso Pema.

I've started a beautiful website...with the help of someone who is no longer able to help me...and I'm at a loss as to what to do next. I need to finish it and get information out there.
I'd be very happy to provide healing work or shamanic or energy training to you if your talents will benefit me..and the planet.

If you would like to help my e:mail is
My name is Linda Hogan...not the famous native american author....I'm the infamous wild woman and world traveler.

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