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Church of the Earth

Church of the Earth

Region: Hawai
Location: WorldWide


Church of the Earth's mission is to assist in the Healing of Mother Earth and All Our Relations. We are a non-profit, and will hold fund-raising campaigns and seek grants in order to help those with less abundance. We are non-denominational, and our spiritual tenets are based on a synthesis of the ancient wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the world.

We believe that together, we can focus our intention to manifest a worlwide community based on the eco-spiritual principles taught by indigenous elders.

We will then serve the larger community by offering our gifts of healing, counsel, and our knowledge of ancient wisdom to help others to awaken to a deeper love and compassion for all beings.

We intend to have land-based communities in several places throughout the Americas, Polynesia and Australia. We will live simply, in harmonious co-existence, growing organic foods, and opening our hearts to those who come for a day or a year.

If your vision is in alignment with ours, we invite you to join us. There are no 'dues', and . . . donations are always helpful, as we are seeking funding to begin purchasing land in the state of Washington and in Hawaii.

Mahalo and Wado!!

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