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Daniel Stone and Arbolita Pashak

Region: Mexico
Location: desert huricuta pilgrimage route, state of San Lui


We are based at the Centre of the Conscious dream at the end of the Huricuta pilgrimage route in the desert of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. We also run courses and circles in Europe and the U.S. as well as internet courses.

Danie Stone has always lived from his dreams of both day and night. His quest has been to understand them. He translated them into the creative fields of music, theatre and creative writing before his dreams led him into the Earth spirit traditions of shamanism. For a decade, he journeyed and studied, his dreams directing him to teachers and countries Bolivia, Peru, Indonesia, Nepal, Australia, Egypt. His journeying came to a peak at the Sonora Desert in Mexico where he has received his most influential teachings. He began to feel the roots of all the traditions in which he has worked. Based on this information, for the past nine years, Daniel has been developing his very intuitive style internationally with Circles of Trust. He founded The Shamanic School of Dreaming in 1995, and a Dreaming Temple in Mexico in 2000. He has written two books - 'Crystalhead' and 'The shaman, the Buddha and the conscious dream' He is also an exhibiting visual artist.

Time traveller. Visonary. Eagle woman connecting worlds.

Her Grandmother initiated her into the worlds of intuitive wisdom and shamanic knowledge from the age of a young girl.

For 13 years she has worked with different indiginous communities in Mexico - Toltecas, mixtecas, zapotecas, nahuas, purépechas, tzotziles, tojoabales, mayas, pames y taraumaras; learning from then the sense of cosmic vision, magic and communication between the different energies that there are on the earth.

Presently she works with all types of medicinal plants making a channel between these vibrations of the earth and the human. (Her products are sold all over Mexico, and also in the U.K. The catalogue is on this website on the 'shop' page.)

Her committment is to open the heart to channel the energy of unconditional love that exists in the universe for the healing of this planet and all the beings that inhabit this planet.

She also teaches about the Mayan calendar and cosmic vision.
Her present human teacher is Venado Blanco - her son.

She is also professionally qualified in graphic design and social community development.

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