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Centre of the Conscious Dream

Region: Mexico
Location: desert huricuta pilgrimage route, state of San Lui


Our retreat centre is in the desert of San LUis Potosi, at the end of the huricuta pilgrimage route under the sacred mountain. This is a very powerful multi-dimensional vortex. The site is an hours walk from the nearest neighbour so there is freedom to roam. You can walk as far as you see in all directions. We run organised toursa and occasionally offer individual retreats. The site consists of a large medicine wheel (the space is as big as a soccer pitch), with the temple space in the south. There are in addition in the circle of buildings, four adobe domes, two kitchens, a salon, water tank, bathing area and toilet. The centre is designed to be simple but adequate. We use candles for light, gas for cookers, water tank water for washing and bottled water for drinking.

more than anything the centre offers space - space to dream.

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