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Free The Spiritual Significance of Peru - Complimentary Audio Download by The Practical Shaman and Stephanie Gunning

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Do you write with your magical pen, crafting words that inspire healing and transformation for yourself and the world? Does the wind howl your name through the mountain pass, claiming you as a messenger of sacred text? Does the hummingbird in flight still the small voice within you as you quest for silence, truth, and inner knowing while living amidst chaos? Does the raging river cleanse your spirit body as it twists and turns through an ancient sacred valley? Are you willing to ride upon the back of the mythical Choca Chinqe (Rainbow Jaguar) as you move freely between the worlds?

Then you are a shaman of the word, member of our proud ayllu, or lineage.

Often this call takes us from our comfortable homes to a vision quest in a places that hold the energies of the earth intact. The Sacred Valley of Peru is one of those Colorful Journal that can Write Itself upon Our Souls.

Download a free one-hour audio class on the importance of vision quests for shamans.

Download the class here

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