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"Casa de la Serenidad" Spiritual and Shamanic Retreat, CUSCO-Peru

"Casa de la Serenidad" Spiritual and Shamanic Retreat, CUSCO-Peru

Region: Peru
Location: CUSCO


The "Casa de la Serenidad" is a true Oasis of Light, nestled in the ecological reserve and power vortex of Santa Maria in Cusco, guarded by the Apu MachuPicol, the "Seat of Great Spirit". The serene, natural setting with sweeping views over the city provides the perfect space for introspection to access the inner teacher and reconnect with "Pachamama" (Mother Earth) and all Living Things. We can accomodate up to 12 people and offer a unique concept of shamanic and transformational Light work with a very personal touch. Our main intention is to assist in the accelerated awakening of the crucial codes of Light to access the higher consciousness of the MOTHER GODDESS - THE LOVE PRINCIPLE WITHIN, the feminine energy that is needed for the transformation and ascension of humanity and planet Earth.

The facilities can be rented by independant groups, facilitators, healers, etc. for their own workshops and retreats. For more info please check or write to

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