Balancing the Cosmos - Living Traditions in a Modern Maya City

2010-09-30 13:03:38

By Andrew Weeks

Balancing the Cosmos - Living Traditions in a Modern Maya City by Andrew WeeksThis documentary film looks at the nearest contemporary equivalent to an Ancient Maya city where traditional shaman priests continue to carry out rituals as the mediators between this world and the world of the sacred. The balancing of the cosmos is dependent on their prayers and actions. This film is not Apocalyptic! It doesn't refer to our culture's fantasies or longings about 2012 as an end of the ancient Maya's long count calendar. We wanted to see what tradition meant in a modern Maya city. What survives in the face of social, religious and political pressures? Some say that Santiago Atitlán is the largest purely indigenous town in the Americas, and with a population of over fifty thousand speaking the Maya language of Tz'utujil it well may be. This is a look at a community driven by commerce, politics and religious ritual just as all cities have been throughout history. It s hard to think of another ancient civilization which has so much resonance with a contemporary society. Where people feel such a direct connection with their ancestors. I wanted this film to reflect my experience of the town, not to be a vehicle for explanations, theories or opinions about it. These are years of change everywhere and for everyone, and the Tz'utujil are no exception. This film was made over the course of eight years. The dramatis personae changed - some people grew and changed, others died. The town changed...tradition continued.

What the Bleep Do We Know!?

2010-08-31 08:06:03

By Mark Vicente

What the Bleep Do We Know!? by Mark VicenteWHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW?! It is part documentary, part story, and part elaborate and inspiring visual effects and animations. The protagonist, Amanda, played by Marlee Matlin, finds herself in a fantastic Alice in Wonderland experience when her daily, uninspired life literally begins to unravel, revealing the uncertain world of the quantum field hidden behind what we consider to be our normal, waking reality. She is literally plunged into a swirl of chaotic occurrences, while the characters she encounters on this odyssey reveal the deeper, hidden knowledge she doesn't even realize she has asked for. Like every hero, Amanda is thrown into crisis, questioning the fundamental premises of her life ? that the reality she has believed in about how men are, how relationships with others should be, and how her emotions are affecting her work isn't reality at all!

Healing the Luminous Body - The Way of the Shaman

2010-08-02 06:43:08

By Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Healing the Luminous Body - The Way of the Shaman by Dr. Alberto VilloldoIn this fascinating and informative DVD, author, medical anthropologist and shaman-healer of the Inka tradition Dr. Villoldo, introduces viewers to the luminous energy field that surrounds and informs the physical body like a blueprint of life. Unveiling the secret of ancient shaman-healers, he teaches that many of our physical and psychological problems stem from imprints within our luminous body.
He reveals the extraordinary nature of this luminous energy field and how, by understanding its nature, we can actually heal ourselves and each other. Once the luminous field is cleared, true physical and emotional healing can begin.

Fate of the Lhapa

2010-07-01 08:04:59

By Sarah Sifers

Fate of the Lhapa by Sarah SifersFate of the Lhapa is a feature-length documentary about the last three Tibetan shamans (lhapas) living in a Tibetan refugee camp in Nepal. With no other descendants to carry on their healing practices and a younger generation attending schools, acculturating, and modernizing, these “sucking doctors” are practicing an endangered tradition. Each lhapa requested that their story be filmed. Their fear was that the next heir might not appear until after their own deaths. Subsequently, with no lhapa alive to mentor the children, the documentary would be used to transmit the knowledge to the next generation.

Ten Canoes

2010-05-29 12:57:53

By Rolf de Heer

Ten Canoes by Rolf de Heer"Ten Canoes" unusual story-within-a-story structure allows a glimpse of one Indigenous Australian culture while it offers a timeless fable with enough drama to satisfy both Western and Yolngu tastes. The film was conceived as a project for and about the native people of Arnhem Land in Northern Australia, from whence his friend actor David Gulpilil, who narrates the film, hails. The film's style and narrative structure were inspired by the photographs of anthropologist Dr. Donald Thomson, who took over 4,000 pictures of the Yolngu people in the 1930s while their ancient traditions were still widely practiced, including an iconic photo of ten canoeists on a goose egg hunt.