The World Is As You Dream It: Teachings from the Amazon and Andes

2009-02-26 15:26:14

By John Perkins

The World Is As You Dream It: Teachings from the Amazon and Andes by John PerkinsThis book is a fascinating account of how John Perkins and others, through contacts with cultures such as that of the Otavalans, Salasacans, and Shuar, concluded "that in order for life to continue as we know it, we must all change our dream from the one of materialism and a more spiritual, cooperative, and Earth-honoring one." John recounts shamanic journeys to encourage the reader's self-empowerment, so that knowledge long buried by Western culture may be rediscovered.

Black Smoke: A Woman's Journey of Healing, Wild Love, and Transformation in the Amazon

2009-01-30 14:09:20

By Margaret De Wys

Black Smoke: A WomanWhen composer and Bard College music professor Margaret De Wys learned she had breast cancer, the diagnosis shattered her comfortable life. The illness propelled her away from her family and deep into the Amazon to work with Carlos, a charismatic Shuar master of medicina milenaria, an ancient mystical tradition with a highly sophisticated and precise technology of healing. In Black Smoke, De Wys writes of her amazing encounter with Carlos as he guided her into a world of potent visionary plants, harrowing initiations, and ritual purification. It was, as Carlos called it, “the path of the warrior.”
At once an adventure story, a romance, and a rich exploration of a little-known culture, Black Smoke is destined to become a classic.

Hear interview with Margaret, click:Interview

Plant Spirit Shamanism: Traditional Techniques for Healing the Soul

2009-01-02 06:25:25

By Ross Heaven, Howard G. Charing & Pablo Amaringo

Plant Spirit Shamanism: Traditional Techniques for Healing the Soul by  Ross Heaven, Howard G. Charing & Pablo AmaringoAn in-depth look at the role of plant spirits in shamanic rituals from around the world

The book shows how shamans heal using their knowledge of plant spirits as well as the plant’s “medical properties”

It also explores the core methods of plant shamanism--soul retrieval, spirit extraction, and sin eating--and includes techniques for connecting with plant spirits

Read extensive field interviews with master shamans of all traditions

From their years of in-depth shamanic work in the Amazon, Haiti, and Europe, including extensive field interviews with master shamans, Heaven and Charing present the core methods of plant shamanism used in healing rituals the world over: soul retrieval, spirit extraction, sin eating, and the Amazonian tradition of pusanga (love medicine). They explain the techniques shamans use to establish connections to plant spirits and provide practical exercises as well as a directory of traditional Amazonian and Caribbean healing plants and their common North American equivalents so readers can explore the world of plant spirits and make allies of their own.

Shamanism in North America

2008-12-01 09:45:05

By Norman Bancroft Hunt

Shamanism in North America by Norman Bancroft Hunt200 beautiful photos of shamans and shamanic objects from collections all over the world are a highlight of the book. For people who want to learn about the diversity of North America shamanic practices and beliefs practiced across different cultural, language, ethnic and geographical divisions. The book is divided into seven chapters, devoted to semi- geographic groups with similar social organizations and spiritual practices, including the Eskimo, Subarctic, Northwest Coast, Southwest, Californian and Plains Indians.

Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism

2008-10-27 13:53:25

By Gershon Winkler

Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism by Gershon WinklerA spiritual crisis sent Orthodox rabbi Gershon Winkler to remote regions of the Southwest, where he studied with Native American healers. From them he began to recover the long-lost wisdom of what he calls “Aboriginal Judaism”: the religion’s tribal roots. This book tracks his personal journey and draws from a dazzling mix of sources to detail the surprising connections between two seemingly unrelated religions.