The Raven's Gift- A Scientist, a Shaman, and Their Remarkable Journey Through the Siberian Wilderness

2010-02-01 10:09:59

By Jon Turk

The RavenJon Turk has kayaked around Cape Horn and paddled across the Pacific Ocean to retrace the voyages of ancient people. But, the strangest trip he ever took was the journey he made as a man of science into the realm of the spiritual. In a remote Siberian village, Turk met an elderly Koryak shaman named Moolynaut who invoked the help of a Spirit Raven to mend his fractured pelvis. When the healing was complete, he was able to walk without pain. Turk, finding no rational explanation, sought understanding by traversing the frozen tundra where Moolynaut was born, camping with bands of reindeer herders, and recording stories of their lives and spirituality.

Shanar: Dedication Ritual of a Buryat Shaman in Siberia

2009-12-29 11:14:27

By Virlana Tkacz

Shanar: Dedication Ritual of a Buryat Shaman in Siberia by Virlana TkaczThis rare firsthand account, accompanied by 175 pictures of setting, sacred tools, and costumes, follows each step of the shanar-a Siberian shaman dedication ritual. The Buryats are indigenous people of eastern Siberia, an area that gave rise to the languages from which the term "shaman" is derived. This authentic guide to true shaman practice reveals the personalities involved and respects the complexities of their community, thereby achieving greater depth than conventional anthropological studies.

Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism.

2009-12-02 12:42:28

By Rabbi Gershon Winkler

Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism. by  Rabbi Gershon Winkler"Jewish shamanism? Jewish sorcery? Jewish magical healing? What would Aunty Fanny say? But it’s all here in Magic of the Ordinary, in which Rabbi Gershon Winkler with wit and wisdom leads us to rediscover the more paganistic and pantheistic mysteries underlying the ancient Hebrew tradition. I highly recommend this book."
—Andrew Weil, M.D.,

Shapeshifting: Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation

2009-11-04 12:53:56

By John Perkins

Shapeshifting: Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation by John PerkinsAn exploration of the shamanic practice of shape shifting and the story of how learning these techniques helped the author transform from corporate executive to environmental activist.

Many indigenous cultures have known the art of shapeshifting: the actual transformation of a human being into another living creature. Lakota Sioux warriors would shapeshift into buffalo to become better hunters and to honor the animal, and Andean shamans transform into plants from the jungle to learn healing power. In this book, author John Perkins examines these ancient shamanic practices and reveals the mental techniques that enable an individual to merge with another living creature.

The Horse Boy

2009-08-30 09:43:51

By Rupert Isaacson

The Horse Boy by  Rupert IsaacsonWhen his son Rowan was diagnosed with autism, Rupert Isaacson was devastated, afraid he might never be able to communicate with his child. But when Isaacson, a lifelong horseman, rode their neighbor's horse with Rowan, Rowan improved immeasurably. He was struck with a crazy idea: why not take Rowan to Mongolia, the one place in the world where horses and shamanic healing intersected?
This is a deeply moving, truly one-of-a-kind story--of a family willing to go to the ends of the earth to help their son, and of a boy learning to connect with the world for the first time.