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Sacred Hoop Magazine

Online Tribe: Core Shamanism Tribe (International)

Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community (Van Couver BC to Seattle to Eugene, OR)

Planting Seeds for Seven Generations (Wellesley, MA)

Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts Reiki Clinic (Bloomington, Indiana)

Rev. Lisa Osina (Northern California)

Rites of Passage Council (Asheville, NC)

Save 300 Acres of rainforest in Ecuador (All)

Scholarship for shamanic interests (the literary and spiritual realms)

Sedona Retreat (Sedona Arizona)

Shamanic apprenticeship (Melbourne florida)

Shamanic Arts Center (Hotchkiss, Colorado)

Shamanic based group in Los Angeles can host 2008 workshops (Los Angeles, California)

Shamanic Life (Global)

SHAMANIC OUTREACH (Yakima, Washington)

Shamanic Sound-Journey Healing for the Community (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Shamanic Teaching/Healing (Placerville. CA)

ShamanTALK - Ayllu Community-Building Website (Central BC, Vancouver Area, New York and beyond)

Song of The Blue Star (all areas)

Soul Retrieval Day Giving Back (Portland Oregon Metro Area)