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Longevity and life extention practices

Longevity and life extention practicesbyThmas White Eagle

After I had lived for a few months in the city of Cuenca in Ecuador which is full of retired expats I realised the importance to talk about aging, longevity, physical immortality and what make us live a long life.
The idea is to awaken curiosity to start thinking about the subject and if one is keen to live a long life starty implementing practices/habbits that make that possible.

Part 1:
Everything is energy based, the more energy we have the more we can do and the longer we live. This is a general though, but how does it work in practice?
How does the energy work in our body?

Once we awake spiritually, technically meaning our energy rises from 1st to 2nd chakra. This centre is ruled by water element.
If we manage to purify our 2nd chakra (sexuality, fears and emotions) we can raise our energy up to the 3rd chakra. This is the centre which provides us with a long life. This centre is ruled by fire element, which englobes: dynamics, movement, courage and power.

It is said that physical immortality is obtained when we manage to raise our energy to the 6th chakra.

What practices do you follow to raise energy in your body?

Part 2:
Our body renews itself in 90% within 2 years, 100% within 7 years.

So if you follow that basic idea it would be enough to eat in a healthy manner, live life in a healthy and natural paced manner.

Most people live a too fast, stressed life and by they way they live, thing and eat they shorten their life everyday.
For egsample: a go out to a night club till 2am and drinking all night easily shortens once life for about 7 years at least.

Everyday you can start a new life, an important thing is to start doing something about it, change one thing at a time. It only takes 6 months to start noticing great results.

What are you doing to extend your life on daily basis?

Part 3:
Importance of the plant medicines/teacher plants

Now the shamanic world, which I am part of is opening up its medicines and practices.

The most know plants include: tobacco, ayahuasca, peyote and san pedro and iboga.
Those plants have the power of creation and had beeen used for thousands of years by a few selected people for the use of magic, healing and divine connection.
Now if used propery can offer us great healing results, I estimate 7 years of life gained in one teacher lant ceremony.

Part 4:
Fear of getting old and fear of death

A bit part of getting old and daying is the actual fear of those things.
We all subconsciously fear of those things. You can heal/remove/overcome those fears once you start the healing process.

Once you conquer those fears, or rather many their layers they will 'get it' as you do not attract those situatons in your life anymore.

There are some mantras and some shamanic rituals that help us with this excercise.

All the views here are based on my own understanding as per today, self wisdom obtained by my shamanic and spiritual studies.

About the author:
The Shaman, Wizard and Mystical expert.

'Diamond' child, Monadic body and 12 DNA strands activated.
Great Navajo / Apache Nation shaman in previous incarnation.

Shamanic iniciator and instructor.
Spiritual priest.
Holistic healer.


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