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The World I Dreamed is Illumined

The World I Dreamed is Illumined byLlyn

Excerpted from "The World I Dream Of" (Curt Butz, O-Books)

Today’s young people embark into a world no other young people throughout human history have faced. Unrest spans the globe. The biosphere teeters. Our children walk into the future of a species seemingly gone amok. Yet as dire as this appears for my own, and all the Earth’s children, the dream for harmony with each other and our planet has never been so strong.  And in my dreaming, it’s never been so close.
In looking through habitual eyes it’s easy to see and fear everything wrong in the world today. But in looking through the eyes of our heart, we begin to see differently. Supporting this alternate view are indigenous teachings across the globe, which point to this time on the planet as heralding a new age. A higher human consciousness spawns, they say, in which heart and mind will meld as one. Of the many promises this alchemy portends, most important is the recreation of the world according to higher values; in relation to one another, to nature and Spirit.
I feel that Heaven already exists on Earth - we just need to wake up to perceive it. The Earth is abundant with ecstatic life forms and expressions. Ponder waterfalls and oceans. Look up at a starlit sky. Remember mountain vistas. Think of the structure of cells, the scent of flowers or the softness of an infant’s skin. Magic can be ordinary yet it’s omnipresent. All we have to do is remember to look for the beauty, mystery and intelligence of life to see that it’s everywhere. In doing so we glimpse what Heaven on Earth could be; and we fuel its possibility. Why live as we do when our sentient planet can bountifully nourish body, heart and soul? In my dreaming I see that our human family is capable of greatness yet untapped. We can live in harmony with each other and our planet in ways beyond imagining now. Every moment breathes potential. We just need to wake up to it. I dream this reality to be very close at this time in the evolutionary cycle of humankind. In the face of unprecedented personal and global challenge, our Universal aspects now pressure to the surface.
I envision a world where humans are illumined. How we experience reality, what we desire and create is different. In this world, interconnection is valued over separation. We live respectfully and in balance with our planet. Doing so makes our communities wholesome and we’re aware that doing otherwise doesn’t make any sense. In knowing we’re parts of the same whole, we live harmoniously with each other. War doesn’t exist because we feel complete in ourselves and know our connection to all things.  There are no foreign threats because nothing is seen as separate. The desire to dominate others and nature has dissolved. The incentive to amass wealth, territory and power has fallen away. In letting go of self-serving values we are spiritually lifted and gain esteem through compassionate action. Suffering, famine and disease are vanquished. Problems that were once insurmountable have either instinctively disappeared, or solutions have come to light. We depend on few physical resources to survive. As we’re fabricated more of energy in this world, what was physical and solid prior to our awakening, has changed. We select foods for their energetic vibrancy yet have less need to eat. There are some of us who breathe in life force from the atmosphere, or absorb it from sunlight and nature, with such efficiency that we don’t require food at all.
Some of us live in urban areas but there are much smaller numbers of people concentrated in cities and they have different qualities than before. They’re quieter, calmer, and are healthy places to be. We use natural power sources that are unlike any alternative methods we knew. In understanding ourselves as energy, we’ve tapped our natural ability to move about in this world and explore others, without external vehicles. These are natural human capacities of teleportation that until current times were only remembered by Eastern yogis and spiritual adepts. Illumination has caused what was previously hidden or veiled from perception to be seen for what it is. This includes innate human capacities. Energy transfers also propel visitors from other places in the Universe who come and go, some living with us here on the Earth. Balls of light frequent the skies and the larger Universal community is now an intimate point of reference. We’ve rejoined with stellar families, whose existence we had forgotten, and they share many things with us including advanced technologies. The Universe is more expansive and loving than we ever could’ve dreamed. Old ways of knowing and fears have transformed. The nature of reality has not changed; our acuity has expanded to see its true patterns. We realize now how limited we were, how compartmentalized was our experience; the life we knew was but a small slice of what’s possible.
We’ve awakened from a nightmarish slumber and consciously dream our lives. We direct energy and intention to effortlessly manifest what we desire and need, in consonance with all living things. Many more of us live simply and closer to the Earth in small communities. Nature invigorates, balances us and our communities thrive because we’re in harmony with the perfection all around us. The natural world is translucent and individuals relate as intimately with the elements and animals as they do with other people. Humans are also luminous. Spiritual centers in the brain connected with pineal and pituitary glands called Nodes of Luminaria have lighted, opening inner faculties. We emanate light, much like the halos in the renderings of Christ and sanctified beings. In times past a human being’s sense of self was focused on sex, survival and on mental projections. Today, we’re in balance with all aspects of our humanness, with more of our energy focused around the heart center than it was before. This enables some of us to keep thymus function active throughout life. In others, immunity remains robust despite any physical evidence of the gland. This is one reason we’re resistant to disease, but primary is that we know only oneness. As heart and mind are one, life force suffuses us unobstructed.
Much of our communication these days is telepathic, which is not simply a mental transfer of thoughts as people used to define it. Telepathy is an empathic exchange projected from, and felt within, our hearts and bodies. This is intimate beyond what language could ever be. Because mind and heart are inseparable, we think and converse differently, through feeling and vibration. We understand one another instantaneously and with a depth that words could never convey. As we share, we extend energy and love as humans are fulfilled by the goodness they radiate. As these changes occur, pollution problems on the Earth impulsively clear. Everything physical is awake to its energetic quality and the higher frequencies renew form to its perfected state. In waking up to our own, and the world’s, true character we’ve created new options for living. In awakening to the dream that is life, we’ve recognized that we can co-create it. We use light and sound waves to heal yet serious illness only rarely occurs and previous medical paradigms are seen as archaic. We choose when to stop living in human form. Those who awaken first, help others open to the grace that is our world. This is a reality of wholeness, union with nature and the Divine.
In my dream world humanity is boundless; who we are is consciously entwined with the infinite potential of the Cosmos. I dream this as coming about more naturally than what one might ponder. Think of the symbol for infinity, the figure eight. Imagine that Universal Intelligence, or source, travels a path of Becoming and Returning as portrayed by the figure eight. The center point of the eight is pure, dynamic consciousness. This consciousness expands out from its own center in a primordial longing to create, a path of Becoming. The Universe’s expression is ecstatic as worlds, planets, galaxies, star systems, life forms, come into being. Separation is the vehicle through which form manifests. Separation isn’t a problem, it’s inherent to the anatomy of generation. But as a result, form isn’t conscious of itself or its beginnings. As manifestation peaks, forgetting is most prevalent – on our figure eight this point in the journey would be the outer curve of the first loop.
Yet Source longs to know itself through creation, affecting the Cycle of Return – calling all that It has manifested, back to Itself. In moving closer to its origin, pure consciousness, creation quakes. Polarities exaggerate because all is called back to know itself as Source, light as well as dark. In my imagined world, this would be the time period within which we now live. Nearing the hub of the figure eight, the Cycle of Return approaches completion. In reaching Its heart, as Universal Intelligence remembers Itself through form, al of creation is illumined. All that is manifest now knows itself as Source. The Universe embarks on a fresh journey of Becoming; a new world is born.
Indigenous shamanic peoples of diverse cultures say that we, and our world, are an interconnected dream. We are one with everything and all is one with us. As in sleeping dreams, this dream of who we are is malleable. We, and our world, can transform. We can re-shape at anytime. Prophecies from all over the planet point to this time in human history as one of monumental change. As Universal Intelligence is ecstatic, its repertoire, infinite; the time is ripe to dream ourselves freshly; in doing so we can realize our true potential and create a new world – for our own, and all the Earth’s children.

About the author:
Llyn “Cedar” Roberts, MA is an award-winning author and prominent teacher of healing and shamanism. She holds a master's degree in Buddhist and Western Psychology and was initiated by shamans in South America and Siberia. Llyn has for 20 years led sacred journeys to diverse shamanic peoples in remote regions. She translates ancient wisdom into modern day approaches that heal us, and our relationship with the Earth. Her books include: Speaking with Nature coauthored with Sandra Ingerman, Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness, Shamanic Reiki coauthored with Robert Levy, and The Good Remembering.

Llyn is currently host of the upcoming SynchCast online course, “Shapeshifting with EarthWisdom: Saying YES to the Earth's, and Our Own, Deep Mystery. A six-week, live, interactive video course starting Sunday, March 15th with author and teacher Sandra Ingerman, environmental and spiritual journalist, Michael Stone, astrologer and vision quest guide, Sheila Belanger, Mayan Day Keeper, Nan Shumantla “Shuni” Fenix, and Peruvian Inca Priest and wisdom keeper, Don Calerio “Freddy” Cohaila. You can learn more about the course and it's free introduction here at

Llyn also teaches at the Omega Institute and is adjunct faculty for The Graduate School and Union Graduate School. Cedar co-facilitated workshops and led sacred journeys with John Perkins for 17 years. She lived at the edge of the wilderness for 2 years in the Hoh Rain Forest with forest guide, Mick Dodge of Nat Geo’s, The Legend of Mick Dodge. A modern-day mystic and spiritual ecologist, her work inspires a deep sense of belonging with the natural world. To learn more about Cedar, visit:


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