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The Daughter of the Mother

The Daughter of the MotherbyNancy Lankston

I am the daughter of the mother who sees beneath
Raven’s eye shows me the way through
To the other side where down is up
And time can stand still
Until the time is right.

I am the daughter of the mother who sings in my bones
Drum song carries me out of now
To a place where fiery dragons roam,
Mother moon dances with her sun
And guides me home.

About the author:
Nancy comes from a long line of empathic seers. She was born with the ability to “see” or sense what’s going on beneath the surface of things; she picks up the disturbance in your force, the dissonant, twisted and knotted energies that keep you stuck and unable to flow with natural joy and creativity.

Nancy's mission is to help you release the dissonance and find your natural flow.


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