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The Mystery Of The Present Moment

The Mystery Of The Present MomentbyPaul Bunting

There’s a mysterious, powerful and often overlooked force working in your life, making it what it is right now. The series of moments prior to now were also defined by this force, yet how often do we think about the past and wonder how it paved the way for the present moment? By recalling FIVE events that played an important role in defining who you are, I wonder what kind of new understandings may arise. As I was thinking about five events that set the stage for being here is this moment, I was surprised in certain ways. As I recall some defining events, maybe you can relate in ways...

It took years to realize and understand how the sense of loss I felt as a four year old impacted my life. Where I lived I had a social network, schedule and way of relating to people that made life beautiful and carefree! All of that was abruptly shattered when my family moved from one state to another. All the joy, comfort and stability I once had was gone and I wished for the way it was before. Feeling like an outsider in a strange land was a sense that followed me for a long time after that move quietly enough to drive without being (consciously) noticed.

As a belligerent, indulgent and unmotivated senior in high school, the world’s problems weren’t concerns of mine. Deep life altering change can happen in a matter of moments as I was to discover on a cold March evening in 1994. What happened could be thought of in many ways - including psychedelic, near death and spiritually enlightening. Within a matter of minutes I had lost my body and any sense of being connected to this world, only to find myself in the midst of an experience that revealed to me so much about things I wouldn’t even know to think about. Shook so deeply by the visions I witnessed, I felt even an even greater sense of confusion about the world as a whole.

Feeling confused, frustrated and without a sense of purpose - it was time for me to go out into the world. Having absolutely no inclination towards formal education or joining the workforce led me learning a trade and becoming self employed. Through various patches of financially insecure, frustration and confusion I found it within myself to become stronger. As the years ticked by I somehow managed to find a way to seek with full devotion, understanding of myself, without even realizing where these desires were driving me.

One weekend when I realized the extent of a complex injury (badly broken ribs, town muscle) I had gone through years of life with had a surprising effect. It awakened within me a sense of purpose! What I was most passionate (and confused) about could be applied throughout my journey of restoring balance. The vocation I had chosen (even though I feel more like it chose me) of working with breath and body revealed so much to me about how patterns, based on our thoughts, desires and feelings shape our lives. I realized this is something that happens without us even being consciously being aware, for the most part!

The most magnificent riddle of them all has played a more substantial role than I ever realized. When it became apparent that desire requires you become as relentless as it, many questions and realizations arose. What patterns had emerged in my life as a result of my actions, desires and intentions not being in alignment with restoring balance? With the practice of seeking balance (something injury led me to understand), a truth about change became apparent. It’s constant, unpredictable and infinite so why do we invest so much into resisting when we have the ability to direct?

Wishing you balance, purpose and happiness!

Paul Bunting

About the author:
Paul practices Transformational Coaching based on "The 5 Elements." Additional writing can be found on


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