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The Importance of Councils

The Importance of CouncilsbyOmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez

Traditionally, indigenous people have kept the clans strong and united by continuously having ceremonial gatherings to keep the people together with one mind and one heart, supporting the crystallization their visions. It is important to close the gap between humans by gathering the elders and youth, to join the wisdom that the elders carry with the yearning that the youth are experiencing. Both can be fed through the spiritual and the ceremonial exchange that happens in councils. We need to take this time even more often in our lives to learn, to connect to each other and Mother Nature, and to be guided by the wisdom of the spiritual leaders and the elders, so that the collective efforts have a strong vision to follow.

Councils offer time to meditate and contemplate the times when we are sane and experiencing our actions and or efforts in this world. As spiritual people we can then come together to compare what is working and help each other to find the solutions to the challenges we are facing. For all companies, governments, and any organized group of people, it is vital that they have their retreats, their meeting times, their moments to focus on the efforts that they are doing. And especially for us humans at this time in our history, we need to have the holistic inclusion of all people to gather, from the youngest to the oldest. These are the precious moments to put together the different prophesies, different creation stories, different spiritual instructions of our many relatives, so that we can perform proper activities to help us really integrate the changes that are happening on our Mother Earth and how to do the things that we have all forgotten, that are vital for our survival.

We at Deer Mountain are guided by Spirit to go into council with the land, in ceremony, at a sanctified and sacred place to light the council and ceremonial fires of our peoples so that we can learn from it, and revitalize ourselves. This is a sacred place that urges us to take that pilgrimage to the sacred source of life: the water that comes from the springs, straight from the land. These councils at Deer Mountain offer us the beauty of the skies lit by the fires of our ancestors, the peacefulness and quiet of the forest, the vitality and energy of the meadows, and the patience and sturdiness of the grandmother stones. We are in relationship with nature, connected to the spirit of Reverence for Life. Then we are truly ready to be in council.

As spirit and nature responds to our spiritual connection, we are in gratitude and in awe of these manifestations A spiritual message and manifestation of why we are creating Deer Mountain as a spiritual sanctuary for humanity came months after the second ceremony at Deer Mountain celebrating the Mayan Day of Jun Ajpu, on Jan 31st of this year we initiated a fireplace at the entry to Deer Mountain. This second manifestation came as my friend Paul and I, standing by the new driveway being made at this first house at Deer Mountain, were surrounded by these Thunder Beings manifesting their powers. I witnessed this lightening bolt came down like a U. It didn’t hit the ground, but stayed about 5’ above it, and in the U there was a giant ball of light that it seemed to be carried by this lightening, and left of top of the Jun Ajpu fireplace. This is no more than 100’ where we now live. By the time Paul turned around to see it, we were shaken by the sound. A great voice from the sky thundered through our beings, and left us very energized.

Days later at sunset, I made a pipe ceremony to show my gratitude and to try to understand the implications of this house of light being left at this beautiful meadow, at the entrance of Deer Mountain, so close to where we now live. So I placed my pipe through the walls of the ball of light, and the message back to me as the sun was setting was that this land had been elementally and spiritually sanctified. This is the second time here at Deer Mountain that we have received a gift like this, as many of my relatives remember when the lightening bolt hit our arbor where the bundles were placed, and incredible lightening bolt chose to come and live there with us. And now a Thunder Being is present all the time.

So our councils put us together with the spiritual, the elemental, and the natural world, and that is why our people always gather in sacred councils. Not only to share with each other, but to be present to share with the spiritual and natural beings of life. We invite you to come with reverence and be part of the next council.

(Shared on July 17, 2009).

About the author:
Tata OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez - Founder Kaqchikel Maya, Ajq’ij (Staff of Light, Daykeeper and Spiritual Leader)
Spiritual Leader of Tinamit Junan Uleu – Earth Peoples United

OmeAkaEhekatl Erick González was born in Guatemala and moved to the U.S. with his parents when he was 11 years old. He was initiated into Native sacred rites over a thirty period with direct participation, teachings, and guidance from various Native spiritual elders from México, North America, Colombia, Peru, and Guatemala. In 1978, he was adopted by the Mexiko Teotlkalli Kalpull Koatlkalko and the teacher Tlakaelel and given the name OmeAkaEhekatl in 1978.

In 1994, he received his sacred bundle and spiritual mission as a Mayan Ajq’ij. In 2005, he was adopted into the T’saahl Clan, the five finned killer whale people of the Eagle Clan of the Haida, and given the name Gaada, meaning supernatural light. He has worked with Native Elders and Youth Councils throughout the Americas supporting the work of international sharing and preservation of sacred wisdom teachings since 1977, promoting increased cooperation and unity between diverse communities throughout the world.

Tat Erick is working to create two models of spiritual land stewardship: one community in Guatemala on the shores of Lake Atitlan, and one community north of Mt. Shasta in Northern California. Both demonstrate how to live in harmony with and appreciate the natural and spiritual worlds, restore land and create natural food and medicine gardens, and be places for indigenous wisdom keepers to come together to share their wisdom and ceremonies. Tata Erick’s personal healing and ceremonial work can be seen in more depth through Mayan Shamanism.


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