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Ipupiara - Shaman from the Stars

Ipupiara - Shaman from the StarsbyLlyn Roberts

By Llyn Roberts

Originally published in Earth Star Magazine, 2002

On the last day of the workshop Ipupiara paced the large, rustic room in his worn, brown socks. Face down, hands clasped behind his back, he appeared deep in thought. Twenty three people sat on cushions encircling him on the wide-planked, hardwood floor; nurses, herbalists, computer programmers, anthropologists, healers, psychotherapists, men and women of diverse walks of life. All had gathered to learn Earth-honoring methods of healing from this man, descendant from an ancient and almost extinct indigenous Amazonian tribe.

Ipupiara, whose name translates to “Fresh Water Dolphin”, was born into the indigenous Ureu-eu-wau-wau – the “People of the Stars” – when the tribe numbered 2,400 in 1943. Because their Amazon rainforests contain minerals, oil, and precious resources the Ureu-eu-wau-wau have been severely exploited during Ipupiara’s lifetime and only 42 survive.

Expertly skilled in the traditional practices of his several shamanic rainforest cultures under his Portugese name, Bernardo Peixoto, Ipupiara earned Ph.D.’s in anthropology and biology. He also became fluent in eight indigenous dialects and acts as a bridge between cultures, serving as a consultant to the Smithsonian Institute and an advisor to the White House. He and his blood brother, John Perkins, were instrumental in creating Dream Change, Inc., (DC) a world-wide grass roots movement dedicated to using indigenous wisdom to bring about environmental and social balance. Bernardo Peixoto (Ipupiara) is featured in Pulitzer Prize winner, Dr. John Mack’s book Passport to the Cosmos and has appeared on several national television programs.

‘Ipu’, as he is affectionately called, continued to pace. The rain pelted the roof and windows. It had rained continuously since his arrival at the small herbal studies center in rural New Hampshire, in the United States. Ipu had guided us through several indigenous ceremonies including a sacred tobacco ceremony. As a community we had also facilitated a spontaneous healing for one of our group members. Ipupiara was exquisitely attuned to the ‘invisible’ realities; to the telepathic, spiritual, and intuitive worlds that interface the physical. Throughout the weekend, he compassionately opened us to these realms.

Surfacing at last from his deep contemplation Ipupiara spoke to us in a calm, thickly accented voice.

“I called my wife, Cleicha, this morning.”

His dark eyes skirted to his feet, then swept the full breadth of our circle. He drew in a large, audible breath and tucked his hands inside his belt underneath his colorful South American poncho.

On the next out breath, Ipupiara shared “Cleicha spoke with someone who is very close
to us - a powerful shaman woman living on the border of Brazil and Peru. This woman asked Cleicha to have our circle hold hands this afternoon so she can send us energy for healing. She has never done this before.”

His voice cracked almost undetectably, “This is a very special request.”

Ipu’s wife, Cleicha Toscano Peixoto, is a quiet, humble woman with an powerful spirit and astute mind. A Peruvian-born anthropologist and healer, as a young child Cleicha began to work with the spirits of the plants and learned the ancient healing ways from her grandmother. Specially skilled in the healing use of eggs, she now shares her passion for the herbs and sacred indigenous ceremonies at workshops across the U.S. and abroad, bridging ancient and modern wisdom. Together, she and Ipu enlighten medical, university and holistic communities about the uses of shamanic healing as an aid to even the most threatening of modern-day dis-eases such as cancers and heart conditions. They have drawn the enthusiastic attention of baffled medical practitioners and transformed countless lives with the successes. I have the deepest love and respect for them and through our many years of work together through Dream Change we have become close friends.

We gathered after lunch and sat in a circle holding hands. Ipu instructed us to relax our bodies and close our eyes. Warm hands held mine and I listened to the soft pelt of rain dancing through the room. Then with closed eyes, as if feeling with subtle antennae, I sensed Ipu moving along the far end of our circle. Soon, I felt him moving towards me. As he drew near, a powerful energy began to shake my body. Ipu chanted softly, other worldly, in ancient indigenous dialects. The chanting made my body vibrate uncontrollably now, my closed eyes twitching spastically as my inner vision displayed a brilliant white light flowing into me through the top of my head. In another moment Ipupiara was holding me; dramatically crying, chanting, and praying. I felt many others in the group near me, as well.

Suddenly, heat, passion, and indescribable feelings overtook me. I felt like I was flying through space, my energy body catapulted through other dimensions. The brliiant pulses of light now became interspersed with clear visions of distant lands and indigenous faces. At the same time, my senses heightened, the slightest whisper boomed into my ears from the room around me. Time, what seemed like eons, passed. Then the flying sensation ceased and my vision settled.

Though difficult to conceive, I was face to face with a young indigenous woman.

She was dark-skinned, her steady gaze pronounced by round, luminous brown eyes. I sat across from her, my bottom flush against the Earth-packed floor of the small room, the pungent odor of freshly brewed herbs penetrating my nostrils. My eyes were fixed upon the woman who wore a tall, flat-topped hat woven in brilliant bands of color, her body comfortably swaddled in multi-colored fabrics and skirt. She sang hauntingly to me; chanting in high, subtle tones in a language I instinctively knew but whose words I could not grasp. Her soft, glowing eyes and delicate melodies emanated palpable warmth that cascaded through me. I stayed here fro some time, riveted by her presence.

Then, I was abruptly pulled away.

Sharp, stinging sensations burned my throat as if the heat that radiated through me were pouring out my neck. Pillows were swept underneath me, a light blanket draped over me and I was lowered to the floor as I jolted out of trance.

I heard Ipu say, “Look at the welts on her neck. She could bleed here. Everyone, out your hands on her!”

My neck burned as if hot coals had been laid against my skin. My body shook under the hands, my eyes twitching with the light that still sporadically pulsed through them. The touch felt good, nurturing, and after many moments the pain subsided and my muscles relaxed. The visions soon dissipated, then they were gone. After some time Ipu sat me up and held a large bowl of water-soaked herbs up to my face. The rich smelling herbs piqued my nostrils and I opened my eyes. One of the participants cupped her hands into the aromatic water to cleanse my face and neck. Another woman dried me with a soft, white towel. I felt nurtured, loved, as if by spiritual midwives of an ancient tribe.

When I was ‘back’, Ipu said matter of factly; “So, tell me, Llyn, what do you feel in your hands?”

“I feel intense heat surging through them.”

“Use the energy in your hands for healing today, that is why the Peruvian shaman connected with our group, to pass her healing energy onto us. You were the vehicle she used to do that. Already it has radiated out to all of us, but it will remain especially strong in your hands for many hours now, so please respect this gift by placing them on people.”

During the break several people approached me for healing. The last was a woman named, Janice, whom I sat next to, resting my hands on her shoulders. The warmth of my hands eased her muscles, relaxing and soothing them. The heat radiated throughout my body’ most noticeably in my hands, but rolling in palpable currents from my head down to my heart, and through my arms and torso.

After several moments I had the urge to ask Janice if I could hold her. She welcomed this and I happily wrapped my arms around her, enveloping her in the pure, unconditional love that emanated from the Peruvian woman and now moved through me. Janice began to cry. She cried for some time while I gently held her. Later she told me that these simple moments had been among the most healing in her life.

Several days after Ipupiara left my mountain home in New Hampshire, to return to his home in Wahsington, D.C., I sat alone in the darkening room where he had slept. In the quiet, unlit space I contemplated the weekend’s events. Suddenly, a brilliant ball of light appeared against the dark sky outside my window. It was a perfectly round ball, the light a luminous white with a soft golden aura extending several inches beyond its five-inch form.

These radiant orbs are very familiar to indigenous peoples. For instance, the Shuar of the Amazon are visited by their by these ‘ancestors’ who appear in the nights skies as luminous white or blue spheres. The Shuar do not differentiate between ‘ancestors’ or ‘UFO’s’, all ultimately perceived by them as ‘us’.

I watched as the sphere of light traveled slowly across the pane of glass, then just as slowly it began to cross in front of the window next to it. I continued to watch as it passed across the second window, then within moments the light orb passed in front the of third and final window. Glowing brightly, the luminous shape glided slowly across the pane until it moved out of sight.

The next day when I called Ipupiara to tell him about the visitation, he gasped. Then he softly shared the ancient legend of his people, the Ure-eu-wau-wau, who are believed to originate from the Pleiades.

According to Ipu, a princess among them had prophetically seen the inhabitants of a small planet named, Earth, doomed to extinction unless they changed their ways. The Ure-eu-wau-wau sent a mission of mercy to help the endangered species. As John Perkins describes in his book, Shapeshifting, ‘The chosen emissaries – including the princess – were transformed into spheres of pure energy and sent on their way into the darkness of space.’ They were drawn to the most densely oxygenated area of the planet, the Amazon rainforest.

About the author:
Llyn Roberts, M.A., a prominent teacher of healing and shamanism, is the director of Dream Change, dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness. Her books include The Good Remembering, Shamanic Reiki and Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness. A modern day mystic and Buddhist-trained therapist her work inspires a deep connection with the natural world. Website:


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