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We have to do this together...

We have to do this together...byFran Russo

What will it take for you to get that
you canít continue to take things personallylooking for a personal point of reference?

Weíve already had wars.
Weíve already had terrorism.
Weíve already had prejudice.
All these have always been, are now, and always will be brought about
if there continues to be something personal behind it and
the desperate need to defend those personal motives that began it all.

When there is peace within each person, there will no war between nations.

Everything might feel heavy and overwhelming now. You might feel crazed with the weight of it all.
You might feel like everything is descending on you now, that thereís no room to breathe, let alone go to some event. This might help you to understand whatís really going on.

As 2012 approaches, be aware of its energy. The message is very direct and clear. It is of utmost importance that we are aware of the ripples in its energy and clear them away. This has been, by many cultures throughout the world and for centuries, a time of great significance. Because of that, we have even less time now to get things done. There simply cannot be any more procrastination about anything. Remember that the Gatherings that are happening now are of the two Principle Forces - Light and Shadow. Be aware of how both are working with and on you now. Light works with you - Shadow works on you. Be aware of how you are being caught in the shadow play. Be aware of what is happening in your life in this moment.

This is a very large cloth, folks. Itís been covering all of us for a very long time. We all have to grab on and lift it off together. There simply canít be you donít have the time or feel like it, you donít want to because you have to look to your own first, itís not convenient, any of the old tired excuses any more. Simply there cannot be any more putting things off or getting lost in the story of your own life and not seeing the bigger picture just because you don't want to. WE DONíT HAVE THE TIME. The energetic wave of Evolution of All Life began rolling to the shores of the Kaypacha, the energetic realm of the Pachamama, in 1999. We have seen its results, as the years have passed. No one knows what that change will be or how it will happen. No one knows what the outcome of these events will be. What we do know is that the Gatherings that began in 2010 continue so that, by 2012, a foundation for what will be will have been laid. Thatís why we are all doing what we are, with one single Intent Ė the consciousness of All must be raised to the highest, purest energetics, no longer sourcing through the dense, personal, and physical only, so that foundation can be one of Peace and Compassion. Fear and anger have no part in this Foundation of Light. Time is of the essence now simply because there is no more time. If each and every one of us does this, all will evolve.

Keep moving. Don't engage and don't let the shadows engage you. Remember The Dark cannot withstand The Light. This has always been, is now, and will always be.

Make another choice. It doesn't matter if you want to, or it feels "right", or anything else for that matter. DO IT!!! Change your consciousness out of any lower level it continues to be stuck in to a higher level. Fly above all what the shadows are trying to pull you into. Get clear.

Sign up. Step in. For workshops and journeys, yes, of course, that Ayllusuyu offers, but not only Ayllusuyu. To those workshops and journeys that are of the deep core substance that will make a difference. Not just something that feels good until the next day Ė but something that goes straight to the core.

Margaret Mead once said, ďNever doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed itís the only thing that ever has.Ē

Get moving.

About the author:
Fran Russo of Ayllusuyu is a shaman/curandera working in the tradition of the Peruvian shamans.She is committed, as her Lifeís work, to helping and guiding others in finding and following the natural flow of their paths. Working in the ancient traditions for many years, Fran helps
others to energetically release and transform self into the strength of true self, spinning joy into life.
Fran is the author of Through The Eyes of Jaguar: One Womanís Journey, available for purchase through her web site: as well as on, and


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