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Chi Eaters

Chi EatersbyShaman Elder Maggie Wahls

Some people have very little regard for their own life force chi. They do not value their lives. They do not value this wonderful gift of having a life experience here. Maybe they were abused as children or they were betrayed as we all were but they never got over that. Whatever the reasons, they have made a choice in their minds that they do not want to be here anymore because they do not value this experience for all that it is. They do not value it and so they choose to just throw it away like a piece of dung.

What they do not realize is that there are 9 billion souls waiting, just waiting, to come here have a life experience for themselves. That is how valuable this experience is! Human chi, human life force is the most precious energy that Creator ever made! It is also the most valuable energy to non manifested negative beings. They want human chi and will do anything to get some for themselves without having to have a life experience for themselves. So they will hang around people who are giving away their life force chi. They will try to get people off balance so that they give away their life force, just like a turtle gives off so much energy when it is flipped on its back and trying to right itself once again.

These negative beings will lie to us and pretend to be things to attract us because we give our life force away to whatever we are paying attention to. So they want us to pay attention to them, they lie, they cheat, they scare us, they shock us, they entice us, they pretend to us, to get our human life force chi. So we must learn to choose what we pay attention to in our lives.

But back to those people who have very little regard for their own life force chi. They just give it away! They donít care who takes it, they donít care who comes into their heads and minds and spirits and feelings and souls and makes them into a buffet feast for those negative beings. And when someone is willingly giving their life force away like that, those negative beings are the winners. They get fat and full on that person because that person didnít value his own life force energy enough to keep it and preserve it and protect it.

And then when that person gets weaker and weaker as his life force energy is eaten away, the negative beings can actually control that person! They can put suggestions in to his mind and make him think things and even make him do things(even suicide) and influence other people to also give their life force away by creating situations of anger or fights or war or violating other peopleís free will choices. Yes the negative beings then use that person to get the life force from yet other people, too!

And here we are minding our own business and we meet someone who seems nice and suddenly they are creating conflict and troubles and unrest and anger and fear in our lives! Where did they come from? They are these very people who care so little about their own lives, who donítí really want to be here, that they have given away their life force and are now zombies working for the negative beings! Yikes! And there are lots of these people in this world. Everybody knows one or two of these people!

Right now, are you are giving your life force away to these negative beings who are telling you lies to keep you under their control so they can eat your life force right out of you? What you need to do is to decide to value your own life force energy more than you have been. You need to realize what a special gift it is to be here and have a life experience. You need to really see how precious this experience is and to value it and to cherish it and to want to own it and have it for you, not give it away to these beasts.

It's your choice of course! But once you make a choice to keep your chi, to have this life, to value your life, these beasts cannot violate your free will choice and will have to stop eating your chi because you told them ďNO! You cannot eat me anymore! You cannot take my life anymore! I will keep my life now and I will stand in my own power, my own life force now and keep my life force and protect it and use it to have the best life experience ever!Ē

If you can really say this, then they have no choice but to go away. They cannot violate your free will choice.

Now ask me your questions.

About the author:
Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls is a healer and traditional Shaman with a 400 year lineage in Shamanic healing. She offers an online course in Traditional Shamanism. To learn more about her visit


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Shawn R. - July 3rd 2010 01:12:14 PM
Scary but very good description of what to look out for. Giving my life force away to what I pay attention to is interesting. Wow. That's a long time of being a shaman. You must be very old and wise. I want to learn how to Protect myself.

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