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Shamanic Journey: Touchdowns and Tigers

What will the next chapter in my life look like?" This was the question that P asked me to perform a shamanic journey for her on.

I started out in my usual launching spot into the Upper World, beside the lake. Almost before I arrived there I could hear football signals being given. I heard “10, 20, hike!” and watched as a football zoomed passed to “me”. I was dressed in full-on football gear, I was receiving the ball, and then I threw it far, far away, much farther than a ball would go in ordinary reality. Then I heard “Touchdown!”

Upon hearing that, “I” took off my football helmet and the football player was P shaking out her hair and smiling. Then P said “Yes!” and started doing a football victory dance, kind of silly and kind of great all at the same time. (P and I were now together in “my” body.) P morphed back into me and off we shot to the Upperworld.

I briefly turned into “Juggernaut” when we zoomed as fast as possible into space and only stopped because we hit our Juggernaut helmet with a huge metallic “bonk” on the Moon. “We” dropped down from the Moon into the Upperworld.

This was the Upperworld like I had never seen it before. It very much resembled the Middleworld (Earth) where I rarely go in journeys, but it was like this Earth as if everything was 10,000 times better. The colors were all so much brighter, the air was purer, there was a feeling of perfectness and contentedness in the air. The scene was of beautiful green verdant valleys and crisp mountains. It was teeming with wildlife and life of all kinds. The natural feeling of the place was that anyone would want to stay there forever. I was standing some distance from where it started. I asked where I was and the answer was “Paradise”.

I was given the message that this is P’s new world, this is the version of her world that P will be experiencing soon. P's world in the near future is an incredible ideal version of this Earth, of “reality”.

I quickly glimpsed a tiger ear out of the side of my vision, then I hear a roar, then I saw the side view of the body of a tiger, then Tiger presented himself to me in his full glory. This type of presentation is the classic revealing of a power animal. Telepathically I asked him if he was your power animal and he replied that he was.

Tiger was not cuddly or fuzzy or anything, just authentic as he was in his full power. All of a sudden my body in “ordinary reality” got a really bad tickle in my throat. I started coughing, like there was something caught in my throat. I kept coughing until I asked if this was a message for you. (I told P she has something that is “caught in her throat”, like an itchy hairball, that has to be coughed out).

Once I got this message, the coughing stopped. I asked the Tiger what the best way P could honor him would be. Wordlessly he told me for P to light a candle and think of him as P looked at it.

I asked for any other messages and an Oyster appeared. The oyster immediately appeared and spit out it’s pearl for inspection by the Universe. “It’s done!” the Universe proclaimed. I told P she is the oyster and her “pearl” (project she had asked about) is ready for release into the world.

P was in her “9” year numerologically and she asked for any other messages specific to her 9 year, and a snake appeared. “Shed, shed, shed – you don’t take it with you!” was the message from Snake. The snake shed 2 or 3 layers of skin and left them where they lay. She appeared as a renewed and beautiful bright green snake with her new skin.

I asked for any other messages for P. I’m not sure who it was that showed up next, but I got the sense that it was two visitors from the Otherworlds (perhaps departed spirits?) One of them peeked out from the top of the Upperworld, and wouldn’t show his body to me. They just said “Tell P we said “hi”. When I asked who they were they said “She’ll know who we are - Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum”. (I thought they might be spirits of animals that P used to know.)

When I tried to go to the Underworld, the message I got was that all of P’s worlds (usually Upper, Middle and Lower) were amalgamated into one World – this magnificent place I saw before me, that P would be in right away – so there was really nowhere else to go. This world contained all the wisdom and qualities of all the worlds, which means it really is “perfect”.

The last thing that I saw before I left was a blue whale floating in the sky of P’s magnificent world. He smiled at me and winked, and the telepathic message I got was “Anything can happen here in this amazing world.” Then he just kept happily swimming throughout the clouds.

Analyzing the Journey

I told P that an unusual aspect of this journey was that, for the beginning of the journey, P and “I” were actually in the same body. I came back to my body “alone”, only after the tiger coughing message. It was hard to tell where I started and P stopped while we were co-mingled.

Usually I am the only one in “my” body in non-ordinary reality. Sometimes I experience being the “journeyee” for short periods of time to receive some sort of message through my body for them, but in this one we were co-existing in the same body. I figured out later that some of the messages I was bringing through for P were also for me.

I told P that “Juggernaut” (a character from the X-men Wolverine movie) is the symbol for unstoppableness, meaning that once started, P is unstoppable. I told P that hitting the moon probably mean that once she got started, she is unstoppable until you run up against “as far as you can go”.

I encouraged P to look at any symbolism for any of the animals (particularly tiger, oyster, blue whale) or any other symbols in her journey. However, I encouraged her to try meanings on for size and only keep those that seem to “fit” for you.

P had a strong connection to football, and could see a connection between the strategy of football and the strategy of a business program she was preparing.

P strongly identified with her power animal the tiger. (She phoned me a few days later and was excited to tell me how much she had connected with her power animal and how it was helping her.)

I told P that my feelings from the journey were that the traits of Tiger that she should work with include: getting “used to” being strategic, powerful and strong, and having incredible power but not having to overtly display it unless necessary (I actually think this was a message for me too), dealing with your restlessness for things to happen by just staying in your own power and being patient, knowing you rule your own kingdom, that you are the queen of that realm and that is enough. These were all the unspoken messages Tiger seemed to be giving me with his body language.

P told me that she believed the Tweedledee and Tweedledum were two healers who had healed her, which created a turning point in her life.

I told P that I thought it was very significant that all of the “normal” worlds where I usually go on a shamanic journey, for her, were all amalgamated into one world. To me this indicated an incredible level of integration in her awareness – that she was plugged into every level of her knowing, spiritual, emotional, subconscious, living authentically. This being plugged in was creating a wonderful life for her.

The blue whale was such a great wink in the journey, signifying that in P’s new world, anything really could happen. After all, if a whale can float in the air – what else could happen?


Copyright 2010 : : Conduit of Joy : : Kara Thompson

About the author:
Kara is the author of, where she does journeys, deciphers signs and encourages walking ones own life path.


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