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The Three Spheres of Stalking

The Three Spheres of Stalkingby Lujan Matus and Naomi Jean

The first time I met Lujan Matus was a pivotal point in my life, the scope of which I could never have imagined then and probably even now cannot really fathom. We met through a close friend who had known him for many years and who had told me all kinds of fascinating stories about this elusive character. I was intrigued by his accounts, which painted a picture of a truly unique and unpredictable individual who obviously had a lot of personal power and had impacted the life of my friend unlike anyone else. When we went to meet in a cafe in town I was initially struck by the fact that Lujan was not Chinese, for in listening to all the stories I had imagined an older, unconventional Chinese martial artist with a wicked sense of humor. Lujan was very welcoming and friendly and sat opposite me. We didn't have very much to talk about, evidently neither of us being inclined to small talk, but while we were sitting there I sensed that his attention was unlike any I had encountered before. Lujan asked me what I was thinking and I answered that I felt he was acutely aware of everything. I don't remember much else that happened there except that I was impacted by his robust physical presence and noticed that he was simultaneously energetic and self-contained. I was also struck by the generous and uncomplicated affection he had for my friend and how my friend had so much respect for him.

Something about Lujan was very unnerving for me though. His presence stirred up all kinds of strange emotion and made me feel deeply uncomfortable, even though I liked him immediately. We went for a walk and talked a bit more, still not really about anything because there was a slightly awkward feeling that didn't allow an easy flow of energy. I felt revealed and 'unnatural' because I was not accustomed to being seen, I was used to being the one noticing everything and to have it happen to me made me feel very apprehensive. After half an hour or so we said goodbye and by this time, though it had been on the surface an easy and relaxed meeting, I was really feeling stretched and couldn't wait to be out of the spotlight. In the last moments before we parted I looked into Lujan's eyes and felt truly hunted, which made me defensive and hard. He asked me what the look was about and I immediately checked myself and said it was nothing, though I knew that it was something his presence had brought to the surface. He waved goodbye and drove away, leaving me in an absolute emotional turmoil. My good friend and I walked a little way, continuing on to wherever we were going, with me in a stubbornly distant and odd mood. With a mischievous glint in his eye, my friend asked me, “What did you think of Lujan?” I said I liked Lujan, which was true, but I was stewing over what had arisen within me and wasn't prepared to open up about it because I felt I had no handle on what was going on and I was deeply threatened by how vulnerable that made me feel.

The next thing I knew I was having an emotional meltdown. I stopped and sat at a deserted bus stop, bawling my eyes out and trying to explain to my friend what was going on. I knew straight away that being around Lujan had confronted the deepest compromises of my character. Lujan was the first person I had ever met who lived completely within their integrity. I knew this in an inescapable, cellular, undeniable sense, and it rocked me to my core. His presence was a massive demand on me to live up to myself, and all the years of not doing so, along with all the frustration, self-doubt, denial and heaviness that had engendered, was bursting to the surface in an explosion of loaded emotion. My reaction included everything from anger to self-pity, relief, hope and fear. Even now writing this, the retrieval of this memory is bringing about a cathartic release. When I conveyed this to Lujan he said that this is my inner spirit expressing gratitude, for I'm seeing myself from an elevated position and also being reminded of my purpose, which is the true expression of my spirit. He spoke about this as a recovery that delivers one into a perpetual state of gratitude, in which the world becomes so beautiful because your base plate is stationed in the deep appreciation that you have a chance in this world, which is the clear-hearted humbleness of a warrior.

Immediately after we had this conversation I had a break from writing and went to the supermarket near my house to buy some groceries. At the deli I stood next to an old man with a radiant expression. We looked at each other and I had to say something to him because he looked so beautiful. "You have a nice face." I said, and he answered, "So do you." We then saw each other again at the counter and greeted one another warmly. There wasn't much we could say and no point in making it into anything other than a simple exchange of recognition, but the interaction was really lovely and filled me with gentle elation. I stopped for a coffee on the way back home and some of the other people in the cafe seemed to be lit with beauty and character. I wished I could acknowledge it to them but instead I just admired those qualities silently and hoped they didn't think I was fixated on them in some bizarre way. The next time I spoke to Lujan I told him of my experience and he said this was a definite indication that gratitude had saturated my whole perception and was being reflected in every encounter.

The reason this memory had come to the surface at this time was that Lujan had started to explain the three types of stalking to me and told me that an individual with their personal power intact will cause an upheaval by their mere presence. This took me back to that time in the past when exactly this phenomenon had occurred and which, amazingly, up until that point we had never discussed. When I told him about what transpired after he left that day he began to explain exactly what had taken place in the cafe when he was watching me and I had felt the pressure of his awareness. Lujan said that the eyes of a seer shield the entry of any projections from another by noticing everything that is put forth. When something is seen this disallows permeation by reflecting back that observation, which causes that projection to return to its source and necessitates a process of introspection. He said this is how a seer's personal power strikes someone whose integrity is not in place, bringing about cathartic upheaval that causes them to react, either by reflecting upon themselves or by directing that emotional reaction towards the seer. The shield created by the eyes of the seer comes about through observation without interference. Instead of that projection slipping by unnoticed and establishing a co-dependant lodgment that can be built upon, by being simply observed the cycle of habitual self identification is stopped in its tracks and cannot be perpetuated. Lujan described the catharsis that arises as the loosening of sedentary material associated with the original imprinted sites, which then allows other realizations to be accessed and that pivotal point of reference to transform into something other than it was before.

Lujan explained to me that someone with their personal power intact will be in a position to observe this process as it happens and therefore is able to make a choice at this point to either subdue or enlighten the one whose imprints are activated. He said that this is the fundamental distinction between the two types of stalking applied in the living construct: shadow stalking and light stalking. Shadow stalking is applied to subdue another's power by misdirecting their life force and drawing them away from their purpose. He then said that no-one can take away your personal power but they can direct your attention and draw you into areas that will absorb time and energy in matters that are not in line with your personal growth. Light stalking is applied to align a person with their source of power and enable them to access the tools and energy needed to pursue their personal path in the way that is correct for them. The third type of stalking involves the reordering of ones imprints within a dreaming context to allow freedom from the preoccupations that have been established in the living construct, and this gives the ability to apply multiple angles of cognitive insight in order to extract wisdom and power from those experiences which form the fundamental base plate of ones character. This is dream stalking.

Lujan warned me to be very aware of shadow stalking in the living construct as it is the basis from which the majority of people operate most of the time and presents a grave danger, in that the primary aim is to subdue purpose and waylay awareness in endless avenues of distraction and distortion. Shadow stalking identifies the imprints within ones character and once they are located establishes them as a usable base of operation. Land marked sites can be utilized as a point of reference from which shadow stalking can adapt and manipulate its position in correspondence to what is presented, using the technique of 'bait and switch', which is polymorphic by nature. The expression of shadow stalking in daily life is multifold but essentially will manifest as engagement in something other than the truth of the heart and being drawn away from the tasks that relate to progression along ones true life path. Lujan pointed out that one of the key arenas where shadow stalking manifests is within the application of all forms of dependency. He said that all of us have to be acutely aware that dependency can take an individual off their personal life path, drawing one away from self empowerment and the ability to self-regulate.

Dependency can appear in the form of adopting an ideology and pasting it over a personal inherited imprinted site or underpinning that needs to be brought to the surface and worked on. If a person takes on an ideology that is derived from the wisdom of another then that ideology can become fixed; a usable item that can be placed over ones personal circumstances, but which inhibits ones ability to see what truly should be seen because of the dependency and self identification that has been attached to that wisdom. Lujan said that in essence what this creates is a situation where ideology is adapted as a tool with which to transfix or manipulate circumstances in a state of certainty that only complements the agenda of the shadow stalker. When someone identifies with a wisdom and presents it as a statement of their own subjectivity, though that wisdom may be a jewel within itself, if it is applied within a rigid format this sets forth an arena of denial, because that borrowed wisdom covers the inconsistencies within a persons character. When Lujan brought this up he called it "the jewel of denial" and we laughed uproariously at the images that this concept presented. Lujan explained that the jewel of denial provides a mask to represent the ‘me’, which shields one from true introspection and also fosters a tendency to stand within arrogance and spiritually elitist attitudes. He said that true spirituality is not to take a position of superiority but to be contained within ones personal power, which is a direct reflection of ones life experience, and to be within the simplicity of the realizations that come about in the moment that is continually escaping us.

Lujan said that we must be mindful to observe dependency so that it does not transform into a crutch of reliance that brings about justification, which is shadow stalking. Similarly, one must be careful that false certainty does not become a rigid conceptualization that is viewed as bonafide seeing. Independence and self-empowerment come about when one follows ones life path, which gives the ability to see when it is appropriate to act or to withdraw. The only way this can occur, when one takes on another's wisdom, is to embrace the concept of simultaneous enhancement, that corresponds to your life path and does not pull another off theirs. Do not be anything other than yourself.

The distinctions between the characteristics of shadow stalking and light stalking are clear. Shadow stalking redefines another's world in accordance with an agenda, subduing purpose, redirecting energy into preconceived tasks that are not really of the heart but may be right for the one directing them, utilizing that person's attention and taking them off their life path. In the realm of shadow stalking one finds laughter without joy, purpose without fulfillment, repression of character and vitality, disempowerment and loss of direction. Light stalking is to define ones true direction, which enlivens and establishes a genuine base of personal power and proceeds in accordance with the indications presented, putting aside ones personal agenda to knowingly facilitate the growth of oneself and others. Energy is directed into purpose, enabling individuals to pursue their tasks wholeheartedly and find their true calling in life. In the realm of light stalking one feels elated in the knowing that true enhancement is occurring, for one is on their life path and as a consequence abundant energy is available.

Dream stalking is an advanced method that takes place in the dreaming realm and has profound implications in the living construct. This is how Lujan described dream stalking when he first presented the subject to me.

"The most essential lesson I learnt from my wards was dream stalking and the recovery of awareness. The way that a master dream stalker proceeds is to travel into the most heavily imprinted sites that belong to an individual and rearrange the key elements that govern awareness, within a dream context. This occurs by transferring daytime cognition, which is like a multiplex of imprinted awareness, into a dream state where the pivotal elements can be reordered, thus translating that habitual identification into a source of power that becomes more potent than could have ever been previously imagined. Dream stalking can also be seen as a process that can happen consciously, by taking those heavily imprinted sites and reviewing them in a subtle state of observation, or they can be translated into a dream state by your architect of observation or by a dream master, as I have related in 'Fear Not, Be Free' and also in 'Haunted Awareness'.

See ‘The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception’,

In 'Fear Not, Be Free’, Barak, as an accomplished dream master, took an event from the elemental structure of my being and transformed it into an item of power. This is true dream stalking; true recovery. These landmarked sites can be used to lever your awareness into a new alignment that yields true personal power.

As I have explained, these sites can also be pressured by a person whose internal stratosphere is clear, through their presence alone. When ones personal power bursts upon another's imprints it becomes apparent where those imprinted sites are stationed. Once the individual is alerted, they must review the emotion or upheaval that arises and revert into a state of self-examination instead of attaching the element of drama to the personal power of the one who has triggered the upheaval. This is one way to pinpoint what is occurring within ones conscious awareness, by isolating and identifying that upheaval, which is an imprinted site, so it can be reviewed internally. Many particular events of my life were transferred into the Dream Maker's realm as pivotal points that were shifted, changed and reordered to become a recovery of power. It is vital to identify with power, and not with drama."

Copyright © 2005 Lujan Matus and Naomi Jean.


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