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Amazon Shamanic Healing trip

Start date: March 14th, 2007
End date: March 28th, 2007
Region: West
Location: Brazil


Ipupiara, Cleicha
and local shamans of the Rio Negro

“Throughout this journey you will be recharged, enlightened, educated, and ready to put your
creativity to work to make positive changes in your personal activities and in the global community.
By combining old traditions with modern ways we can create more healthy lifestyles.”

This program is offered to anyone who has a basic understanding of holistic healing practices or alternative therapies. Are you ready to deepen your knowledge of traditional ancient energetic healing arts while immersed in a spectacular natural environment?

Native teachers will lead us in this medicine tour as they share their vast knowledge of the natural web of life. After spending time at Tarumã Sanctuary to relax, learn and heal, we will travel through the pristine tropical jungles along the Rio Negro River-Amazon, where we will visit local native communities, admire the beauty of life along the river banks, explore ancient caves and visit waterfalls and national parks.

It is not enough for us to simply be a teacher, healer, warrior, or visionary. We must be present in every moment to act, commit, and take an experiential approach to our lives. We begin the first step on our path to knowledge by making the inner commitment to be a balanced and whole individual.

-Discussion and practice of ancient and mystical healing arts from the rainforest tradition using local medicinal and aromatic plants and natural tools.
-Discussion of basic concepts of health and healing as used by native herbalists and teachers.
-Visiting local communities and participating in sacred traditional ceremonies.
-Open forum: Native communities, folklore, ceremonies, storytellers, dances.
-Walking, trekking, swimming with pink dolphins, canoeing, fishing, and much needed relaxation.

You’ll receive:
-A Travel Packet that include all relevant pre departure information and program details.
- A manual: “Medicinal Plants and Traditional Healing Techniques from the Rainforest”©
Self-Guide Book on the Medicinal Plants at Tarumã Sanctuary©

Cost: $2,450 per person.
Discounts are available for two or more people traveling together.
More information contact Itzhak Beery