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Ocean of Light Healing Training: Level 2 Sound and Light

Start date: May 18th, 2019
End date: May 19th, 2019
Region: Northeast
Location: North of Boston- Cape Ann
Website: http://


9:00amĖ5:30pm each day
Location: Eye of the Eagle Center, private oceanside home in Gloucester, MA. 45 minutes north of Boston by rail or road.

All healing is the creation of new forms and vibrations of health and well being on many levels. Instead of a return to a previous state which laid the pathway for imbalance or illness to develop, true healing creates a better and stronger energetic way of being for sustained health and happiness.

Everything in existence is made up of light. And all of light has a vibration, a frequency of sound.

Learn to:
*Shift your energies to operate consciously as a vibrational light being.
* How to work in partnership with Light and Sound Healing Spirit Masters and Guides to empower and guide the healing work
*How to navigate and do healing on the frequencies of the seven rainbow light waves
*How to work with golden white light and its different pulses
*How to connect and vibrate with different healing frequencies
* How to use your voice as a healing tool- even if you think you canít sing!
*How to heal the energy systems of the human body, mind and spirit.
*How to connect with the vibrations of different light frequencies of matter and spirit, the elements, sacred geometries
*How to use sound and light together in healing different imbalances and illnesses
*Participate in individual and group healing ceremonies to practice what you are learning and both receive and give healings.

Tuition: $375

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