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A Co-Creation Handbook:A Shamanic Guide to Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life

Region: Northwest
Location: anywhere


This book will lead you through a life changing process.

This journey will teach you to set your own path, make your own choices, enlist the assistance of the Spirit World, collaborate with the Universal powers and make your visions and goals a reality . The Co-creation methods taught within this book and Audio Program are life-altering, giving you the foundational skills to move forward in every area of your life to create a better world and more joyful life.

The first book of its kind, the Co-Creation Handbook walks you through the creative process step by step with a clear manual and an 8 week downloadable Audio Program.

Truly innovative and imminently practical!

Thorough and transformative!

What is this handbook all about? Quite simply it is about stepping into your role as a Co-Creator of this magnificent Universe we live in.

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