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30 Shamanic Questions for Humanity by Linda Star Wolf

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The 30 Shamanic Questions are a formalized structure to accelerate and support transformation. These questions are called shamanic because they are designed to serve as a guide to the process of letting go of old ego attachments (a symbolic death) and moving into a rebirth experience. A Shaman is often called a Wounded Healer - one who has learned how to heal him self of the pain of life’s experiences and shares the wisdom gained from those experiences with others. What makes this process special, and one of the reasons it works so well in comparison to other self-help processes, is that we are not meant to walk this path alone. The journey is shared with another who we refer to as the co-journeyer. When two people make the commitment to do the questions together, in loving connection to one another, the magic truly begins. If The 30 Shamanic Questions have found their way to you, it is no accident.

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