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Navigating 2012 - Mayan Spiritual Teachings

Region: Nationwide
Location: Mt Shasta, CA


Rooted in the ancient teachings of the indigenous Maya, this soul-illuminating journey weaves earth with cosmos, revealing spiritual practices preserved precisely for this moment in time. OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez takes us into the essence of the prophesies and share indigenous wisdom as we undergo this collective evolution of our species.

Tata OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez, was born in Guatemala and is an Aj Q'ij - a DayKeeper, Mayan Spiritual Guide, Teacher, and Healer. He was initiated into Native sacred rites over a 34-year period with various spiritual elders throughout Abya Yala (the Americas).

13 hour-and-a-half audio recordings of this Teleclass offered in the spring of 2009. $285. Contact Heddi at 530.459.3471 or for more info.

1. Jun: Time & Space
2. Cayi: Finding light in the darkness
3. Oxi: Living From Heart
4. Caji: The Maya Medicine Wheel
5. Woo: Spiritual Anchoring During Intensity
6. Waqui: Rites of Passage
7. Wuku: Balance within the Sacred Dimensions
8. Waqxaqi: Becoming Whole, Completion
9. Belejeb: Creating Alliances
10. Lajuj: Spiritual Warriorship
11. Jun Lajuj: Reconnecting the Spiritual Trade Routes
12. Kablajuj: Enduring the Purification Process of our Era
13. Oxlajuj: The Flowering of the Soul Illuminated by the Brightness of the New Sun

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