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Healing Ceremonies in the Amazon with Carlos the same healer from my book Black Smoke

Region: Nationwide
Location: Amazon Jungle Ecuador


See dates for the trip to Ecuador to work with Carlos (the very same healer in my book Black Smoke). We will be traveling in a small group to the Amazon. The trip will be deeply transformational, heart opening, and life changing. People have often described ceremonies with Carlos as one of the best experiences of their lives. 

In the jungles outside Puyo, Ecuador Carlos will lead four or more healing ceremonies with plant medicines. He will give treatments, therapies and private healings to each person. 

If you are traveling because you have a physical infirmity you want healed, please let me know as Carlos can procure exceptional medicines especially for you prior to your arrival. As a natural doctor he uses hundreds of healing plants. He has cured shattered bones, cancer, Lyme disease, diabetes, tuberculosis, heart disease, drug addiction, and a multitude of other sicknesses.

To get prices and registration materials: 

I look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you. Margaret De Wys Author Black Smoke

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