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CoupleSHIP - Awakening the Power of Shakti Within a Loving Relationship

Region: Southeast
Location: Near Sylva, North Carolina


Many people sense that a much greater experience of relationship is possible, in which both people can be fully share all of their wholeness. We all long to feel profoundly met, deeply understood, and compassionately accepted and supported. Along the path of life, we have all been hurt at different times, causing us to deny parts of ourselves and to put up unconscious blocks or walls to experiencing love. CoupleSHIP is a series of workshops designed to help couples release the blocks to higher love, and to awaken and harness their own Shakti energy. Shakti is the creative life force energy that runs through all beings. Through the process of releasing the blocks to higher love and learning to harness the flow of Shakti energy, couples are able to explore their authentic selves and open to their true soul purpose, both as individuals and within their relationship, and step into a greater experience of loving partnership. 828-631-2305

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