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Sacred Wings -Drumming for Shamanic Journeys

Region: United Kingdom
Location: Everywhere


The shamanic journeying is an ancient practice that is common to all traditions of indigenous cultures around the world. Shamans use it to fly into the spiritual realms of non-ordinary realities and other dimensions. It is here that they bring back knowledge, wisdom and healings for individuals and the community.

Journeying is a very effective tool for gaining knowledge and integrating parts of our life force that we have lost touch with, allowing us to balance and increase our natural power.

We journey from The Middle World (earth) into The Lower World, where we can meet our Power Animal allies for guidance and practical help. We can also travel to the The Upper World where we can meet our spirit guides and wise elders who often appear in human form.

The rapid drumming on this recording will "carry you" and help shift your consciousness to enter a trance-like state which is similar to that which we experience prior to falling asleep.


1. Single drum (with call-back) 9 minutes.
2. Double drum (with call-back) 9 minutes.
3. Rattle (with call-back) 9 minutes.
4. Drum & rattle with tribal instruments
(with call-back) 9 minutes.
5. Drum & rattle (with call-back) 18 minutes.

Instruments: John Cook and Itzhak Beery
Produced by Tuntui Productions
Recorded by

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