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The Sacred Trust One Year Training in Classical Shamanism

Start date: January 11th, 2008
End date: November 7th, 2008
Region: Southwest
Location: England


This training allows each participant to safely climb, branch by branch, the World Tree -or sxis mundi - of the shamans path. We strip shamanic work down to its core, eventually incorperating material and methods often not presented elsewhere. It is here we operate as healer, ceremonialist, spiritual guide and artist, using trance and ecstasy to master the unseen forces of nature and undertake communion with the purveyors of power. This gives a rich and highly experiential induction into the life-way of the shaman, trained in the art of equilibrium, with mastery of ecstasy, moving with poise and surety on the threshold of the opposities. For full details go to: