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Shamanic Initiations and Workshops

Region: North
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand


Diana Manilova is a Russian-born clairvoyant, certified psychic healer and author. Initiated by Mongolian Shamans of Lake Baikal, she has spent the last 20 years traveling about the world teaching and working with 1000's of individuals. While she continues to travel, she now makes her home in Thailand and provides initiations and teachings to individuals and small groups. Her philosophy is simple... "We are all here to learn wisdom, truth and love," says Diana.

Providing Spiritual Consultations, Shamanic Initiation Workshops and Meditation Retreats, was founded by Diana Manilova and her husband, Marc Cofer, to create a nurturing place for personal growth in the 700 year old city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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