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Shamanic Movement Workshop with the nagual Lujan Matus

Start date: April 12th, 2010
End date: April 23rd, 2010
Region: South
Location: Cape Town


Discover the calm vitality of Dragons Tears and the profoundly energizing and strengthening effects of Energy Tapping with the Nagual Lujan Matus in a two-week intensive shamanic workshop in Cape Town, South Africa in April 2010.

Participants have the choice to attend for one week only to learn Dragons Tears or to become immersed in the two-week workshop and also undertake the Energy Tapping instruction.

Visually, Dragons Tears resembles the ancient practises of Qi Gong and Kung Fu, but has its own unique fluidity, directness and propulsive power that distinguishes its characteristics and results in a timeless form that flows like water, generating powerful and soothing energy which courses in and around the body.

The energy that is accessed when practicing this movement series is immediately tangible and transforms into a sensation of calm vitality. Regular practice of Dragons Tears will dramatically impact your life, clearing stagnant energy, strengthening the body and enhancing perception, health and longevity.

Energy Tapping compliments the practice of Dragons Tears by continuing to promote the flow of energy through the body’s energetic pathways, releasing stored tension and cultivating a greater sense of clarity and wholeness within the body, the mind, and the heart. In this series of Energy Tapping Lujan will be teaching a method to develop the upper vest, which is connected to three external chakras located in the luminous field.

Dragons Tears with the Nagual Lujan Matus

My name is Lujan Matus. The lineage that I am immersed in is based on the transmission of awareness that is found in the deepest reservoirs of one’s heart. Connecting us; individually and collectively, on the level of intention.

The Dragons Tears series is the first part of an ancient movement and energetic practice which I was introduced to more than 25 years ago. Until recently these powerful and sacred practices were never made available to the public. I now offer this teaching to you.

Dragons Tears Workshop

Cape Town, South Africa

April 12th-17th 2010

$695 US

Early bird special $600 if registration is completed by January 31st 2010.

Energy Tapping Workshop

Cape Town, South Africa

April 19th-23rd

$1100 US

Early bird special $1000 if registration is completed by January 31st 2010.

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